A decor inspired by winter sports!

A decor inspired by winter sports!

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Bring winter sports into your home

Skis, snowboards, sledges, etc. This equipment is common on snowy slopes but can also be an integral part ofdecoration inspired by winter sports ! On the condition of opting for vintage or old models, in wood for example.

Hangwooden skis on the walls or on the ceiling. Above a fireplace, you can also fix them to the wall by crossing them. DIY fans will be able to transform them into a coat hook in an entrance to hang coats, scarves and hats.

Chinez an old wooden sledge to transform it into a side table, on which to place a few plants or candles in a corner of the living room.

And if you have an old vintage snowboard lying around in your cellar or storage room, there too you can give them a second life! Turn it into a fixture by attaching it to the ceiling and hanging several lamps on it. You can also mount them on legs and transform them into a bench for your garden or terrace with a view of the mountains!

Snowshoes, smaller, can also be an integral part of a decoration inspired by winter sports. Frame a pair of rackets with a vintage wooden frame and install them in your bedroom, above the headboard for example.

Reheat your interior with wood

Traditionally, chalets are made of wood and stone. To get this atmosphere at home even if you don't have the mountain view that goes with it, integrate these materials into your interior.

The easiest material to adopt is wood. install paneling to cover your walls. Opt for a slightly warm shade, in order to obtain a warm atmosphere. The paneling can be installed in any room in the house, from the bedroom to the living room, including the bathroom.

Complete your decoration with wooden furniture in the same colors, to maintain a certain harmony. Do not hesitate to opt for aged effect paneling or to treat it to obtain this result. Driftwood can also find its place in chalet-style interior. In a kitchen, adopt driftwood bar stools or hang wood on the wall in a living room.

Create a cocooning atmosphere in the living room

Cocooning atmosphere, hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and big plaid: the sweet winter sports evenings can inspire you to create your decoration.

Install large, soft blankets on your sofa: jacquard or faux fur print, the choice is yours! You can also complete the cocooning aspect with cushions in the same style, inspired by the Scandinavian decoration.

On the top of the fireplace, or on your coffee table, install several candles to light in the evening, in order to obtain a dim light conducive to moments of relaxation.

You can also take inspiration from boho decoration, by installing natural objects in your interior to complete your decoration. A log-style stool made of wood, macramé to decorate the walls, plants such as green plants or fir branches…

Adopt faux fur and natural materials for linens

Prefer cocooning and warm materials for your household linen. In the bedroom, prefer linen bed linen, which is a thermo-regulating material: it keeps freshness in summer and heat in winter. To complete your bed, install a quilt or a faux fur throw on your bed, to warm you up at night.

In the living room, fake fur can be found in different forms: animal-like carpet, under a coffee table or in front of the sofa. As a very soft cushion, to come and heat a slightly simple fabric sofa. And obviously in a plaid, like a sheepskin or fake fur, in which to wrap in the evening to warm up.