How to marry modern and retro in its decor?

How to marry modern and retro in its decor?

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Mastering the game of contrasts is a delicate art. If modern and vintage are a duo of shock, it is not always easy to marry them! How to create a decor that travels subtly in time? Can we combine styles and eras without sacrificing the coherence of the whole? Discover the secrets of modern decor with a retro sauce!

Modern furniture in a Haussmann apartment

Very popular with interior designers, the combination of Haussmann architecture and modern style is a proven classic! With its white walls adorned with moldings, its high ceilings and its solid wood parquet, the Haussmann apartment is conceived as a blank page, which will lend itself to all your daring! A lacquered piece of furniture in acid colors or a 19th century fireplace repainted in flashy tones will easily find their place in a Haussmannian living room. Weaving subtle bridges between the eras: that is the spirit of a decor cleverly combining modern and retro!

The ceiling moldings go perfectly with ultra modern accessories!

The rustic style revisited

Once considered obsolete, the rustic style has reinvented itself to once again take center stage. The secret of this comeback resides in the daring marriage of vintage and modernity ! An exposed brick wall will elegantly welcome a painting by a young designer, as well as imposing wooden beams will be used to support modern and designer lighting. For a daring and sparkling decor, play the card of contrasts fully! You will understand, by constantly rewriting its history, the rustic style dares to bet on the future…

The rustic style spins perfect love with the industrial style!

The Scandinavian spirit of yesterday and today

The Scandinavian style has influenced the history of decoration for several decades. Over the years, he has imposed on the world a few creations that have become timeless classics. It is this long tradition that you will use, to create a decoration halfway between retro and modern! Artek, for example, reissues the famous Paimio armchair from the 1930s, a truly exceptional object sold at a high price. It will naturally find its place in the midst of other Scandinavian furniture at more affordable prices, purchased in current retail chains. Bringing together the masters of Scandinavian design with their modern heirs is a daring and often successful bet!

The Scandinavian style is often halfway between retro and modernity.

The industrial style, between retro and modernity!

The industrial style has a rich history that has its roots in the distant past. Depending on your budget and your desires, you can bargain-hunt at second-hand dealers for superb pieces inherited from the industrial revolution. Often made of metal marked by the passage of years,these objects from a bygone era are surprisingly modern! They will blend perfectly into a designer interior, to which they will bring an authentic character and charm. A 150-year-old industrial lifting table will make each of your meals a journey back in time.

At the forefront of modernity, the industrial style brings us back to the 19th century!

The interplay of materials in the decor, or the dialogue of vintage and modern!

To skillfully marry the retro and modern , boldly browse the entire palette of materials. This tip, well known to interior decorators, never fails to have an effect! In a resolutely contemporary style bathroom, integrate for example an authentic marble basin. Its imposing character contrasts wonderfully with the fluid and airy lines of the rest of the room. This daring dialogue will give rise to a sparkling decor, halfway between the classic and modern!

Wood, bricks and marble basins: a subtle blend of materials between retro and modern!

A decor that travels subtly between eras!

Examples of successful marriages between retro and modern could be endlessly declined! Rather than a Prévert-style inventory, you will need more to understand the essence of a well-controlled decor. The whole secret lies in the fair place accorded to each of the elements. A exceptional antique furniture will be highlighted in a modern and refined universe, like a jewel in its case. No need to multiply allusions to the past : a single piece of character, judiciously chosen, is often enough! This is the art of marrying the modern and the retro. You have to know how to dose, so that each style retains the rightful place!

A retro piece highlights a modern interior ... And vice versa!


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