8 sofas, 8 styles

8 sofas, 8 styles

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A blue velvet sofa padded for a warm style

Adorned with velvet, this sofa combines style and pragmatism. It is nonetheless comfortable thanks to its soft capitons. Sure, it will stand the test of time and passing fads. A must in the living room or in a guest bedroom.

A gray corner sofa for an industrial style

Nothing better than gray corner sofa to sublimate an industrial style piece. If in addition it is reversible at will, you have won everything: right or left, it is up to you. Classic and elegant, it will also blend into any decor style.

A chic and elegant black sofa for a contemporary style

Little dirty, black has other advantages…

A white sofa for a classic and timeless style

In doubt ? Opt for a basic, white and convertible sofa to accommodate friends arriving at the last minute. Right in their feet, the classic models display straight lines and without false note. Can not go wrong.

A covered Chesterfield sofa for a recycled style

In recent years, the famous Chesterfield sofa forgets its leather and unscrupulously replaces it with fabric, a softer and more refined covering that fits easily into interiors. Do not panic: it still keeps all its dimples so as not to lose comfort.

A linen and rattan sofa for a natural style

The linen sofas have not finished making soft eyes in our living rooms. Matched with a wooden or rattan structure, linen works miracles.

A chaise longue sofa for an offbeat style

And why not break the codes? More original than a sofa, the chaise longue is no less comfortable! Very modern, this type of furniture is installed, for example, in front of a classic sofa, or in a library corner.

A sleek sofa for a Scandinavian style

Scandinavian to the end of the capitons, the scandi sofa plays with its contemporary lines to make the rest of your living room furniture blush. Generally small and compact, they will not take up much space but will bring a lot of style.


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