5 accessories to water differently

5 accessories to water differently

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The traditional watering can, the good old pipe and automatic watering are no longer the only solutions for watering your garden or green plants. The proof with these 5 objects that you may not yet know but which may revolutionize the watering of your plantations faster than you think!

We water the garden with buried oyas

This watering technique is over 4000 years old, but it has never been talked about as much as it is now. The "oya" or "olla" is a porous terracotta pot that is buried. Every week, we fill it with water to the top (with a garden hose or a watering can, let's not get rid of it too quickly anyway). Watering is then done very gradually, the water moistening the earth as it crosses the porous wall. Result: the soil does not dry out, the plants do not undergo any water stress and the water savings achieved are substantial. And good news, there are even oyas to plant in pots and green plants to take advantage of this ancestral watering method on your balcony or at home. Also ideal for watering when you're not there!

A buried terracotta jar for gentle watering

We water the seedlings with a weeping song

The ancestor of the watering can also comes back to the fore since the gardeners have rediscovered its virtues to water fragile plants and seedlings. The "chantepleure" is none other than a terracotta ball at the base pierced with small holes. At the top, an opening allows air to pass through. The object is immersed in a bucket of water until it fills, then the opening is plugged with the thumb to prevent the water from escaping. Once positioned above the plants to be watered, you lift your finger and release the water flowing in a fine rain shower. This original gesture and the beauty of the object are attracting more and more gardening enthusiasts and city dwellers who are rediscovering the happiness of watering their planters!

The use of the chanteur, another ancestral technique to rediscover

We water the vegetable garden with the "Kondenskompressor" system!

Do you know the "Kondenskompressor" system? Behind this unpronounceable name hides a simple, efficient and very economical watering technique. The principle consists in placing on the surface of the earth two plastic bottles of 1.5 and 5 liters of water. The small one, cut in half, is filled with water to the surface. The large one, from which only the base has been removed, is placed over it with the cap closed. Under the action of the sun, the water evaporates, condenses on the walls of the large bottle and drips down until it moistens the earth. Thus, all the water used for irrigation is used by the plant, without risk of evaporation or runoff into the groundwater. According to the fans of this technique, not only can the water saving achieved reach 90% compared to traditional watering, but in addition seawater or brackish water can be used to irrigate the crops. Revolutionary ?

Behind these two bottles, a revolutionary irrigation technique

We sprinkle the tomatoes with a drip

Full of common sense, drip systems keep the soil moist without wetting the foliage, which can be really good for watering varieties that suffer from cryptogamic diseases, such as tomatoes. Connected to a water reserve (a simple bottle) or to pipes, these installations water the plants gradually, directly at the roots. As evaporation is limited to the maximum, the water saving achieved is estimated at 50% compared to traditional watering.

Less evaporation, more water savings

We water the green plants with a fogger

At home too, the watering can is subject to competition! Indeed, the vast majority of our indoor plants appreciate a high humidity, as in the tropics, most of which originate. When the air is too dry, because of the weather, lack of ventilation, heating or insulation, there is no point in watering them more, then they should be misted. Many models can moisten the leaves, which not only increases the ambient humidity, but also dust and scare the mites! A good pretext to invest in a beautiful vintage fogger that will delight your orchids!

A beautiful decorative object to mist your green plants!