What if we cultivate aquatic plants?

What if we cultivate aquatic plants?

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In the garden, the presence of a water point brings an incomparable feeling of calm. Essential element of the art of feng-shui, water promotes energy balance and plunges us into a state of deep well-being. So many good reasons to cultivate aquatic varieties now in a pond, but also on your balcony and at home!

Water in the garden, an anti-stress solution

Water is a vital element that deserves our full attention. Whether it gushes or rustles, stagnates in a basin or flows quietly from a fountain, water provides us with intense relaxation. In a garden, a pond also has the enormous advantage of attracting frogs, dragonflies and butterflies, which gives an impression of vitality and beneficial fertility. To set up a water point in the garden, a simple zinc bathtub, an old drinker or a barrel can do the trick. Otherwise, different solutions exist for arranging a pool: molded plastic forms to bury, waterproof pool covers, garden waterfalls, natural swimming ... The operation is certainly delicate but accessible to all! Once your pond in water, you are ready to cultivate aquatic plants.

Even a small pond is a magical element of the garden

Which aquatic plants to choose?

If the water lilies and water lilies dear to Monet remain absolutely essential with their sublime corollas of all colors floating on the surface, many other varieties can be cultivated in an aquatic garden. Let us quote for example the water salad with the magnificent rounded leaves, the water chestnuts and their strange geometric foliage, the myriophyllum, with recognized purifying properties, the duckweeds or the frog, whose round leaves resemble mistaken for those of the water lilies. Also important in the success of the basin, the riverbank plants bring height and color to the whole. Look on the side of Japanese horsetails (ideal for a Zen garden!), Yellow irises of the marshes, pontederies, populations but also papyrus, miscanthus, rushes, typhas and white thalies ...

Grow aquatic plants on your balcony

On a balcony or terrace, aquatic plants invite themselves in large pots filled with water, with the immense advantage of requiring only a fortnightly watering (or rather a filling)! The elegant Japanese horsetails, papyrus and arum flourish with their feet in the water and their heads in the sun. Even more original, the wonderful lotus flowers are also grown in pots on a well-exposed balcony in "lotus bowls" with irresistible charm!

The sacred lotus with incomparable charm

Grow aquatic plants at home

Finally, if you want to enjoy a mini aquatic garden at home, without a garden or balcony, opt for an aquarium or an aquatic terrarium! Even a mini Anubias barteri planted in a jar will bring you a feeling of incomparable freshness and purity, you will see! Discover our tutorial to make your own aquatic terrarium!

Opt for an aquatic terrarium in your interior!