Works: how to get rid of your interior plaster?

Works: how to get rid of your interior plaster?

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It had its heyday… yes, but in the 70s and 80s. Plaster has become the bane of our interiors: it stings, it takes dust, prevents us from making holes in the wall ... With it too, difficult to dare the color because the roughness does not enhance it. In short, how do we get rid of it? We give you our tips!

1st step: define the type of plaster

Not all plasters are of the same nature, the techniques to get rid of them will therefore also be different. Determine which plaster you are dealing with, before you start! And if in doubt, call a mason or a plasterer to advise you. - The plastic plaster, passed with the roller, is recognizable because it is not too rough and that we can see the regular spreading a bit like a wallpaper. - The plaster fiber also has no marked roughness and is relatively smooth. - Plaster or plaster mortar: it is very rough and aggressive when you pass your hand over it? No luck, you're dealing with a rough plaster that is more difficult to remove. Also note that a plaster that has been painted, whatever its nature, is even more difficult to remove.

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A plasterless wall will make the room brighter and will no longer be a dust nest!

2nd step: in which case to remove the plaster?

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get started? If you have a plastic or fiber plaster, be aware that they are both water soluble. You therefore have the option of using a wallpaper stripper because the water vapor will gradually take off your plaster. Another option, generously spray your wall with hot water and then peel off the plaster using a spatula when it is well softened. For mortar plasters, you will need a lot of strength and patience if you want to remove them using a spatula. Another technique: scrape the plaster before passing a sander over it to make it smooth. Our advice: embark on this hard work only if a section of your interior wall is concerned!

3rd step: in which case to cover it?

Sometimes it is more reasonable to choose another solution in order to get rid of the interior plaster: cover it rather than remove it. For this, there are coatings specially designed to make the plaster disappear (almost) as if by magic. Because there again, the steps are numerous. You must clean your surface using a vacuum cleaner for example and a damp cloth to remove any dust. Then, use a knife to coat your filling so that the layers completely cover the rough edges of your plaster. Again, provide a minimum of two or more coats of plaster. When your plaster is dry (allow 24 to 48 hours) use medium grit sandpaper to smooth the surface of your wall. You will then see that it is important to have provided a sufficient coating layer so that no hollows appear. Another option is to put plasterboard directly on your plastered wall. For this, you must make sure that the plaster is well fixed (it is very difficult to remove when you try to peel it off) and that your wall is perfectly healthy. When your plasterboards are installed, you can cover them with paint or non-woven wallpaper.

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Plaster that is too difficult to remove can be covered with a suitable coating

If you are dealing with plasters that are difficult to remove and that they are present on almost all of your walls, it may be better to give up removing them by yourself and call in professionals. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to compete. The time and energy savings will be significant!


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