Tutorial: a colored vase with a marbled effect

Tutorial: a colored vase with a marbled effect

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Looking for a fun and surprising do it yourself? By diverting a glass jar and recycling old varnishes that vegetated in the bathroom you will be able to give life to an original and unique vase! You can then imagine this technique for other supports such as flower pots, pencil holders or mugs. Let's go !


  • A glass jar or bottle
  • Varnishes in the colors of your choice
  • A container such as a bowl or plastic box (to be thrown away later)
  • A wooden Chinese wand
  • (A spray paint)
  • (Masking tape if you want to delimit the space where you paint your vase)

Budget: Between 10 and 15 euros Duration: 20 minutes

© Fleur Louis


1. For our part, we decided to spray paint our glass jar which will allow the varnish to stand out better in a second step. But you can very well use a white terracotta container or leave the transparent jar as it is. To bomb your jar, sit outside, protecting your workspace well with newspaper. When you are done, let it dry for about 30 minutes.

© Fleur Louis 2. Fill your plastic container with lukewarm water. Then, start pouring in the varnishes of your choice (here fuchsia pink and black) by creating arabesques. The varnish should not be too old because if it is no longer fluid enough, it will not stay on the surface of the water but will sink to the bottom! Then do not hesitate to mix your varnishes by stirring the colored water with your wooden stick. You have to be very fast otherwise the varnish stiffens on the surface of the water.

© Fleur Louis 3. Immerse the bottom of your jar in water with varnish. If you want the varnish to cover your entire jar, plan a deeper container. Quickly turn the jar on itself so that the varnish clings to its walls and then take it out of the water. The set should only take a few seconds!

© Fleur Louis


Let your jar turned into a vase dry for about 30 minutes. When it is perfectly dry, it can accommodate the bouquets and dried flowers you want!

© emeamimi's blog


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