Decorative and practical wardrobes for the bedroom

Decorative and practical wardrobes for the bedroom

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It's not easy to put your clothes away when the bedroom is totally devoid of cupboards, a dressing room or a recess to optimize! You then need to choose a wardrobe as practical as it is aesthetic to organize all your belongings and dress the room. We give you 4 ideas for functional cabinets that adapt to all styles.

Opt for a corner wardrobe in the bedroom

Here is an idea that will allow you to occupy an unused space of the room without cluttering it: a corner wardrobe. Either you find a suitable model in store, or you can have a custom model which includes wardrobe and storage shelves to compose according to your desires! Anyway, the benefit will be double: you will get a nice storage space while preserving precious cm2 in your room ... To install a library, a valet or whatever you like!

Nothing like a corner wardrobe to save space in a child's room!

Choosing a mobile wardrobe for the bedroom

We do not always know where to place a wardrobe in the room so as not to interfere with the comings and goings. So bring the furniture to you! If you like to regularly adjust the layout of your or create new atmospheres, you will love mobile cabinets , on wheels, easy to move. Prefer narrow and light modules over massive cabinets that you could not push. If you do not want to invest in design and functional models already equipped, why not get started yourself in installing wheels on wardrobe and shelf modules that you will easily find at home or in store?

A mobile cabinet to store like on wheels!

Recycle old furniture to store clothes

Some old pieces of furniture quickly become bulky when they are in poor condition or when it is difficult to find a use for them. And yet, on closer inspection, they have real potential when you want to roll up your sleeves to recycle them. This old industrial locker room that you want to get rid of, this old oak wardrobe in poor condition bequeathed to you by your great-aunt, this great shutter cabinet who is just waiting to be whitewashed or the mundane one that would come back to life with a touch of paint and new handles?

May the spirit of recovery be with you to enlarge the storage space of your bedroom!

Arrange a wardrobe in an organized dressing room

Not the space or the budget to install a real dressing room in the bedroom? So review the layout of your wardrobe! There are many options and tips available to you for organizing and compartmentalizing your wardrobe so that all your belongings find their place. Drawers, lockers, boxes help save space where you think you don't have much! When the bedroom space is more limited, consider sliding wardrobe doors or curtains to replace hinged doors.

Sliding doors save space and a basket shelf to save storage.