5 tips to clean copper naturally

5 tips to clean copper naturally

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The trend is copper, in decoration as in pots: take the opportunity to bring out your old objects and utensils from the cupboard! You do not know how to restore their radiance? We detail for you all the eco and eco tips so that they shine like a new penny.

Our tips:

- Lemon and salt - Vinegar and salt against oxidation stains - Baking soda to polish copper objects - Black soap - Vinegar, flour and salt

1. Lemon and salt to clean copper

A simple mixture of two everyday food products is enough to revive tarnished copper from a saucepan or a decorative object. You will only have to squeeze the juice of a lemon and add coarse salt. Mix everything, apply and rub with a clean soft cloth on the copper to be cleaned. Finally, rinse with a cloth moistened with hot water. So, doesn't that make you want to put other touches of copper in the house?

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2. Vinegar and salt against oxidation stains

Another method of removing oxidation stains from your copper objects is to use vinegar, a great natural ally for housekeeping. Either by making them take a bath: for this, fill a basin of hot water and 50 cl of white vinegar and let the brassware soak for a few minutes. Either by mixing the vinegar with coarse salt and rubbing with a clean cloth. Thorough rinsing too!

3. Baking soda to polish copper objects

To overcome stubborn stains on your copper objects, you can also use baking soda that is no longer present for cleaning the house. It is even more effective with white vinegar. You just need to make a paste by mixing the two substances in a bowl, leave to act, then apply it with a soft cloth to the scouring surfaces. Then dry your objects, you will find that they shine like never!

4. Black soap to clean copper objects

Do you know black soap for its bodily benefits, perhaps less for its household uses? It is a very effective natural product for all types of surfaces, and which turns out to be a very good cleaner also for copper. To use it, fill a basin with hot water and dilute 4 tablespoons of liquid black soap in it. Immerse your saucepans in this mixture and leave to act for ten minutes. Wipe them with a clean cloth and enjoy the result. An ecological gesture of maintenance that will extend their lifespan!

5. Vinegar, flour and salt to make the copper shine

These three ingredients make up a real beauty mask for your copper objects! This involves making a thick and homogeneous dough by filling a bowl half with flour and half with white vinegar and adding 3 tablespoons of salt. A strange mixture that you will have to apply to your brass instruments while leaving to act for an hour. Then rinse your objects with a cloth moistened with hot water, then polish with a cloth for an ultimate result.