How to compose a careful entry?

How to compose a careful entry?

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An industrial style mirror

A mirror in an entrance is both useful and decorative. This allows you to take a last look at her hairstyle, outfit or makeup before going out.

For a meticulous entry, get inspired industrial style mirrors. There are different shapes and sizes, in order to have a mirror adapted to the size of the entrance.

In a small entrance, the barber mirror is ideal. Suspended using a metal chain, it exists in different forms: round, square, rectangular ... It is an often useful mirror to take a last look before going out.

More imposing, the glass-style mirror is suitable for large entrances, where you can step back. Classic window or canopy style, it mixes glass and an aged metal frame. It also requires a fairly large wall section to install it.

Finally, if you need a mirror to check your outfit from head to toe, a black metal psyche-type mirror will do the trick perfectly. Install it in a corner of your entrance with enough distance to enjoy the view without cluttering your entrance.

A vintage buffet

A neat entrance must be put away. For this, choose a piece of furniture with character, such as a sideboard or a vintage wooden chest of drawers. This style of furniture goes perfectly with a decoration inspired by the industrial style

In order not to clutter you, favor a shallow model, but which still offers enough storage space. Use this sideboard or this chest to store useful but somewhat bulky objects, such as handbags, shoes, hats, an umbrella…

Also use this space to put some decorative items on it. Choose quality over quantity. It can be a beautiful golden brass lamp, a storage basket, a storage compartment, a bouquet of dried flowers ...

Metal shelves

Whether you choose wall shelves or furniture, the shelves allow you to have additional storage space as well as a place to install your decoration.

For a neat entry, take inspiration from industrial furniture. Wired metal shelves or matt black metal are very trendy, especially if they are also made of wood.

Play on industrial furniture codes : lockers, storage, casters, accessible and practical furniture… Whether you have a small or a large entrance, this is the type of furniture that is perfectly suited to this room in the house.

A designer carpet

For a neat entry, consider install a carpet On the ground. As the entrance to your house is a fairly busy place, choose a model that is certainly design but also resistant.

Forget the fabric rugs, which can easily be damaged by friction. Wool carpets are also not suitable for this place, despite their welcoming appearance. Prefer instead a carpet made of natural fibers (like seagrass or burlap), easy to clean and non-slip.

If you want to set the tone at the entrance of the house, opt for a printed or colored model. Boho-inspired rugs are perfect for the industrial and neat style you want to give to the room.

A golden metal lamp

Very trendy in recent years, brass and gold metal allow you to bring a small dose of refinement to your interior decoration. In a neat entry, favor these materials for your lighting.

The golden metal is ideal for industrial style decoration, since we are staying in the same materials. On a sideboard or shelf, install a table lamp in gold metal. For more consistent lighting, a floor lamp or a pendant lamp will be perfectly suited. To keep the vintage / industrial style, opt for a retro style incandescent bulb.