A sunny selection around yellow!

A sunny selection around yellow!

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Head for the summer season with a panel of yellow decorative objects to boost your interior! Color of the sun and vitality, this punchy pigment can be adopted from every angle to energize spaces in the blink of an eye with its soft or very intense nuances, to be consumed without moderation.

© Cemonjardin

Acid yellow metallic storage basket, € 11.03 *, Casame

What could be more natural than storing citrus fruits in a lemon-colored basket! We fall for this accessory a retro touch that gives the kitchen shine and industrial look with finesse. Suspended to save space or placed to cover surfaces, it will sparkle the key room of the house.

© Made in Furniture / Wadiga

Two-tone beanbag in hand-woven jute, € 99.90 *, Drawer

We decorate the living room with a natural seat to orient the decor towards an exotic atmosphere. Hand-woven jute and a touch of yellow for this rounded pouffe that will discreetly boost the interior for a jungle, bohemian or Scandinavian spirit.

© Pixabay

Candle holder in rough concrete, yellow interior, € 28 *, Gone's

Rounded concrete for this two-tone tealight holder. An elegant duo between raw material and gourmet colors for a bright and generous accessory. It can be installed indoors or outdoors to light up spaces with modernity.

© Pixabay

Lemon yellow industrial desk lamp, € 58.90 *, Decorative Appointment

Head for a sparkling decor with the yellow desk lamp like an architect's light. The primary color blends with wood to integrate with any decor, whether you are connected to an industrial or Scandinavian style, it boosts the furniture in no time.

© Pixabay

Round yellow tie-and-dye rug, € 169 *, Lorena Canals

100% velvet-style cotton for this round rug, which highlights the tie-and-dye look. Cocooning texture and fresh colors, a duel with a certain charm for this accessory which delimits spaces without dividing them. Softness to dress up a reading corner, an entrance or a lowering bed.

© Drawer / Dutchbone

Scandinavian style armchair in wood and yellow fabric, € 79 *, Menzzo

Cocooning atmosphere for this Scandinavian style armchair that combines comfort and aesthetics. We install it in the bedroom for a touch of color or in the living room for a sparkling effect. The perfect ally of spaces in need of vitamin D!

© Beliani

Yellow cotton cushion with message, € 8.90 *, Homemaison

Alone or accompanied, the cushion slides everywhere to bring THE touch of fantasy to the decor. Easy to combine, its gourmet shade blends with natural materials or industrial interiors. A bit of sun at home while waiting for the holiday season.

© Maisons du Monde

Fine sheer yellow sheer curtains, € 8.61 *, Homemaison

We against the greyness of the sky with yellow curtains to bring warmth and sunshine inside. Delicate and airy, they gently diffuse natural light to subtly illuminate the space. The yellow selection continues here! img id = "225787" /


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