Feng shui in the kitchen: health and prosperity

Feng shui in the kitchen: health and prosperity

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Home of the house, the kitchen is the nurturing room. Our health largely depends on the calm and hygiene that reign there. Everything must be spacious, clean and organized for storage.

A feng shui kitchen: placed in the heart of the house

The situation of the kitchen plays a crucial role: if yours is located on the outskirts of the house, as an extension, perhaps the inhabitants of your house tend to eat outside? To recreate real convivial moments, the kitchen must be fitted in the heart of the house. It is often difficult to change the arrangement of kitchen furniture and displays can be found to alleviate certain faults: the most important concerns kitchens whose stove or worktop are facing the door, which requires prepare meals by turning your back on the entrance. Placing a mirror on the wall, or simply a shiny casserole that returns the energies, overcomes this drawback. Do not leave shiny or sharp kitchen utensils within sight: it is best to store them in cupboards. And store them well before dinner if you take your meals in the kitchen: the disorder does not facilitate digestion.

A feng shui cuisine: eliminate

Forget the clocks, especially if you take meals in the kitchen, because these moments gain in quality if they are out of time. Regularly dispose of expired products from cupboards and the refrigerator because the freshness of the food it contains guarantees the prosperity of the home (to avoid waste, buy in smaller quantities). Beware of the coexistence of water and fire, antagonistic energies: if your hobs are placed right next to the sink, or if it faces the oven, insert a large wooden tray between the two. If you have to redo your kitchen, eliminate worktops with sharp or sharp angles, shiny and hard materials (plastic, metal) and opt instead for natural and soft materials (slate, wood, marble, stone). Also remove the paintings too invasive by their dimensions, their colors or their subject, which unnecessarily excite the "qi".

Feng shui cuisine: add

Bring in the light! If one of the workspaces is not lit, add a spot or a recessed tube (more aesthetic). Give the "qi" the energy of the tree by placing the tap (water energy) between a wooden drip tray and a large solid wood cutting board. Do not hesitate to make your kitchen warmer, by introducing plant elements: replace the metal baskets with woven wicker basketry, in which you will display your fruits and vegetables. If you change your hob, it is better to opt for gas because it is the energy closest to the fire. As for the colors, long live the light and soft tones. Red (or a section of red wall) is also suitable for large kitchens where lively dinners are organized. Place a chime at the entrance, which will rattle as soon as someone enters the kitchen, warning the busy person preparing meals.


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