How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

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Is your bathroom no longer suitable for you? Poorly arranged, in poor condition or do the decor seem out of date? The time for change has come, as long as it doesn't cost an eyeful. To fully understand a complete renovation, follow our advice.

Our advices :

  • Take stock of the renovation
  • Estimate the budget
  • Optimizing spending
  • Choose the type of decoration

1. Take stock of the renovation

Going into renovating the bathroom requires evaluating the needs for change, whether you need to replace everything or revamp only certain elements. Because the budget will not be the same. The most important thing is to respect the one you have and adapt the renovation accordingly. This requires meeting incompressible criteria such as:

  • Elements to renovate : Is it a question of replacing the bathtub by a shower? To change the furniture? The tiling?
  • The area of ​​the room : The cost of flooring or walls can vary significantly depending on the size.
  • The materials used : Are you sensitive to quality or is it just the visual rendering that matters?

Correctly meeting these criteria will determine whether you are embarking on renovation work yourself or whether you need to hire a professional.

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2. Estimate the budget

Once you have identified your needs, it is a question of knowing the prices of the changes to be made in order to establish an estimate of the budget to be engaged in the renovation. Floor, tiles, new shower, bathtub. Here are some benchmarks in price ranges:

  • Simple removal of old items (sink, bath, shower): between 70 and 200 €
  • Laying of floor tiles : from 40 to 60 € per square meter.
  • Earthenware installation on the wall : from 40 to 90 € per square meter.

3. Optimizing spending

Without resorting to a professional, you can start renovating your bathroom yourself by making clever changes at a lower cost. It is for example to use paint to repaint old tiles, replace the floor covering with vinyl or PVC rollers that are easy to install, or even accessorize the room to make it warm or Zen.

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4. Choose the decor of your bathroom

© borzywoj - This is the most pleasant moment in the renovation: when you choose what type of decoration you will give to your bathroom! Everything is possible but we cannot do everything either, we will have to decide for one or the other option. Here are some ideas:

  • A Zen-style bathroom : Parquet or gray tiles, white paint, plants, teak furniture and bamboo accessories, for a Zen bathroom, priority is given to natural colors.
  • A vitamin-enriched bathroom : We choose a very flashy pop color - yellow, orange, green - to paint a bathroom wall and brush our teeth with music every day!
  • A minimalist bathroom : A duo of black and white, a few well-chosen designer accessories and your minimal bathroom will be great!