Color to brighten up your entry

Color to brighten up your entry

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The right colors

The entrance to your interior is the threshold through which energy enters the house and then circulates throughout the space. This intermediate piece must therefore be clear and clear. Most of the time, the entrances to the houses lack natural light. In this case, prefer off-white, light ocher. Another possibility: orange tones, energizing and which promote exchanges with the outside. If you are anxious by nature, try pink, which calms the emotions (in pale shades because the fuchsia tones, in fashion today, have rather an exciting influence). If your entry is very bright, you can dare more intense tones, in greens and brown ochres, provided that the colors do not draw on the dark side.

Shades to avoid

Forget brown, which hinders the circulation of energies. Black, symbol of immobility and death, which often creates a certain discomfort. Also avoid two-color tests: the entrance is not the ideal place to create a colored wall, this would have the effect of reducing the space and may disturb the harmony of the place. Matt or satin paints are preferable to lacquers, which impede the circulation of energy by sending it back like a mirror.