How to put down your kitchen splashback?

How to put down your kitchen splashback?

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Do you want to install your kitchen splashback yourself, but you don't know how to do it? Rest assured, it is not necessary to be an experienced handyman to complete this task. Follow our sound advice, and admire the end result!

The 5 stages:

- Trace the plan of the credenza on the wall - Cut the credenza to the desired height - Prepare the surface of the kitchen wall - Place the credenza without glue - Glue the credenza to the kitchen wall

1. Draw the plan of the credenza on the wall

Before installing your credenza, you must determine its exact location on the kitchen wall. To do this, you will proceed as follows: * Using a mason's ruler and a square, trace in pencil the contours of your future credenza on the kitchen wall. * Measure the exact dimensions of the surface thus traced, then note on a notebook its height and its length. Be precise in the layout of the plan on the wall, because it conditions the final aesthetic rendering of your credenza.

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2. Cut the credenza to the desired height

Thanks to the plan you have drawn, you have the exact dimensions of the surface to be covered. Now you have to cut the tiles of your kitchen splashback. Some advice: * The plastic splashboards are easily cut when cut. Use a ruler to get even edges. * Stainless steel or glass splashbacks require professional cutting. The ideal would be to have your tiles cut directly in store. You will thus avoid many disappointments!

3. Prepare the surface of the kitchen wall

The secret of a well-placed kitchen splashback lies in the preparation of the wall: * Using a spirit level, make sure that the wall is perfectly even. If this is not the case, you will need to apply a surface coating to level all the irregularities. Do not neglect this step, otherwise you will be disappointed with the end result! * When the wall is dry and perfectly even, clean it with a clean cloth to remove all dust on the surface.

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4. Install the splashback without glue

© Sally Wallis - Before sticking your kitchen splashback on the wall, it is more prudent to apply it blank. This consists of placing the tiles on the wall, but without sticking them! This tip will allow you to verify that the splashback fits perfectly on the contours of the plan drawn on the wall. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to slightly correct your cut, so that each tile fits perfectly into the space provided. Be patient and careful, this is the key to success!

5. Stick the splashback to the kitchen wall

Your kitchen splashback can now be stuck on the wall: * Using a punch, make small holes on the entire surface to be glued. This will guarantee better penetration of the glue into the wall support. * Spread the glue on the wall using a spatula. * Glue each tile, which you will place firmly on the wall. * Leave to dry overnight. In the morning, admire the results of your work! Who said it was difficult to put a splashback in your kitchen?


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