When cacti invade the decor

When cacti invade the decor

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In life, there are cacti ... And we can say that for some time, they have been everywhere. Coming from another continent, these strange beings have already conquered a good number of decoration enthusiasts. Whether in plant accumulation, in prints on the sofa cushions, or even framed on a wall in the dining room, we love their exotic side. After the Nordic trend, head this time to the Mexican desert! Inspirations.

Raw botany

© Åhléns / Urban Outfitters Alone or in accumulation, the cactus finds its place in all rooms of the house. In our interiors, our cactus friends are available in a multitude of decoration styles. The soul of a collector? Like a cabinet of curiosities, we collect them in mini format on a shelf, taking care to vary the species and colors. Passionate about contemporary art, we fall for arborescent or columnar forms like the cereus and we do not hesitate to choose the XXL format, like a sculpture. For dressing, all tastes are allowed - or almost! Assorted in pretty baskets of natural fibers (straw, wicker), decorated with pots with ethnic patterns or customized ones (mosaic, fabric, cement tiles, ...), the possibilities are endless. The good idea: recycle old containers (old porcelain cup, glass jars, vintage tea cans, kraft paper coffee bags, etc.). Whether at home or in the office, the cactus is our ally! It is even credited with depolluting virtues: it seems that it would reduce the electromagnetic fields of our devices. All the more reason to place a small one next to the TV or computer. And if you don't have a green thumb, don't panic! Originating from arid regions, these little animals are not very greedy and will even let you go on vacation. This removes a beautiful thorn from our feet! Find our maintenance tips for your favorite cacti.

The cactus makes a good impression

© Anewall / Aliexpress / Audrey Jeanne Frames, pretty cards, wallpaper, the cactus is displayed loud and clear! Available in all shades and in all styles, the cactus is displayed on your walls. Framed as a still life, we like to play on the scale and the framing. Photography, illustration, collage, many artists have succumbed to the cactus-attitude. We can mix different graphic treatments around our subject, by creating a nice accumulation of frames on a wall. Do you prefer the total look? We then choose wallpaper to travel directly from our living room. The creators do not lack imagination and one finds today very varied reasons. Be careful not to fall into overbidding: a wall or two is usually enough to set the tone, no need to do too much! There are also new generation wall stickers of different styles, to stick on either side of a piece of furniture in a dining room for example, to give it a fresh and sparkling effect.

From thorns to pins

© Amelie Mancini For a little spice in my linens! Of all the plants, these beautiful spices with a tender heart have definitely won over decoration lovers. We are on THE essential summer trend. And where the cactus excels, it is of course in the textile decoration. All the rooms in the house pass through: printed cushions for the living room armchair, tea towels in the kitchen, towels in the bathroom ... In the children's room, we choose a beautiful soft carpet with naive patterns. There is a nice bedspread for the master bedroom, in a shades of soft greens to give yourself some pep in the morning. For some time now, we have also witnessed the great return of the embroidery hoop. Why not try it on the theme of the cactus? With its rounded and minimalist shapes, its colorful tones, the effect is guaranteed. In accumulation on a wall, these small round canvases will bring poetry and lightness to your decor. Thread by needle, we can also opt for knitting. In a completely modernized style, we find with pleasure the little man of our childhood, through whom to pass the woolen thread. With the knitted cord, you customize your baskets with a few words, you draw the silhouette of a pretty cactus that you hang on the wall. The idea is to have fun. This is the Do It Yourself trend of the moment. And if you lack patience, no worries! Today there are fully automated knitting machines on which it is enough to turn a crank. So it's up to you!

Spice in my decor

© Urban Outfitters / Ikea / Bloomingville Cactus a little, a lot, passionately or madly? But the world of cacti does not stop there. Available in all sauces, they already transport us on vacation and give our daily life a little spicy taste that energizes. A neon lamp with electric green reflections to brighten up a cold corner of the room, just perfect to spice up the atmosphere. A softly shaped night light for your toddler's sleeping area, that's a bright idea! Looking for a caliente atmosphere *? We warm up our winter decor with a collection of small ceramic cacti. We can even add some to our botanical collection in order to create games of shapes and materials. In the same spirit, there are also pretty vases, which can be easily combined. Very design in pure white, they will marry wonderfully with stems of dried flowers. Gypsophila for a little air, or craspedias for a pop and graphic rendering… Besides the graphic aspect of the cactus, there is also a lot on the practical side. You will find a lot of accessories to organize everyday life: pencil holder, coat hooks, jewelry holder, storage boxes… The list is far from being exhaustive. In the kitchen, it's an opportunity to renew your coffee services and switch to more summer dishes. We fall for stylized patterns that are sure to add spice to the plate! Faced with the existing choice, it is impossible that you have the same as your neighbor. Seen on the canvas: a cactus distributor of capsules for your coffee machine. No more mess: ordered yes, but with class please. In anticipation of the long summer days, we fall in love with a life-size statue of spurge to be installed on the terrace, matched with a light garland. Immediate takeoff for Central America, without moving from the comfort of its deckchair ... You are now ready for a colorful summer: Ouch Caramba!