7 essential accessories for a successful cocktail party

7 essential accessories for a successful cocktail party

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Cocktail mugs

Ultra trendy, glass jars do not only serve to preserve condiments in the kitchen. With a little imagination, they even turn to transform themselves into original and offbeat cocktail mugs. With a pretty colored straw and a lid to avoid disasters, they are perfect for a picnic or an aperitif outdoors. Yes, these cocktail mugs are great allies!

In addition, apart from cocktails, you can also use these glass mugs to enjoy smoothies, iced teas and other cold drinks like detox water.
Finally, you can also use them as decorative objects: install a light garland inside, and you get a charming light decoration to light up all your evenings…

A marble cutting board

Because most cocktails are made of fruit, you need a cutting board to prepare them and be properly equipped! And as the board will serve you for your other culinary preparations, it is not an unnecessary purchase. You can opt for a classic wooden model; even if lately marble cutting boards are terribly popular in the kitchen world: solid, resistant and devilishly aesthetic, they are also much easier to clean and dry than traditional wooden boards.

The good idea: keep the cutting board to present your cocktails, and leave a few pieces of fruit available for the greediest. In any case, the cutting board is not only practical, it can be pretty to present the aperitif!

An aperitif service

To accompany your cocktails; olives, aperitif cookies and other dips are in order! To present them in style, how about opting for a aperitif service ? A kit made up of small receptacles which will accommodate your raw vegetables, your aperitif cookies and others, with in its center a small dish perfect for receiving the sauce in which to soak it all.
Very practical, the aperitif service allows you to drop all the aperitif on the table at once, without having to go back and forth in the kitchen to get the bowl of chips, the bowl of cherry tomatoes, the bowl of guacamole, etc!

Whiskey tasting set

It's a fact: depending on the type of drink, tasting is not done the same way. So to satisfy everyone's wishes, complement your cocktail equipment with other tasting glasses. After the cocktail mugs, here are the whiskey glasses ! Without forgetting the crystal carafe to present this drink with elegance and refinement.

And to perfect the lounge spirit of the thing, we perfectly imagine a club chair, a record player, a storage trunk as a coffee table on which rests an old raw wooden tray. All that's left is to taste your whiskey and savor the moment ...

A copper cocktail shaker

A bartender's essential accessory, the shaker must imperatively find its place in the shelves of your kitchen. Not only does it dilute the mixture and combine all the liquids (alcohol, juice, cream, etc.) to perfection, but it also refreshes your preparation with ice cubes! So no, the shaker is not an accessory to impress the gallery, it really influences the flavors of your cocktails. Here's a good excuse to get one right away!
Favorite for the copper models, which we like the robustness and the vintage spirit. Cosmo, mojito, daïquiri… the cocktails are yours!

Mojito glasses

Who does not know the mojito? Iconic cocktail of Cuban origin, it consists of rum, soda, lime and mint leaves. As refreshing as delicious, it has many followers. If you are a member, you must have dedicated glasses

In glass to enjoy the nuances of mint and lemon, large enough to make the pleasure last, sober or with gourmet prints for the touch of madness. It smells good all summer…

The ecological tip: rather than choosing a plastic straw, consider investing in a metal or bamboo straw ! In addition to making a good gesture for the planet, sustainable straws always have an effect in the presentation of cocktails…

The sausage guillotine

Star of aperitifs, the sausage is often presented on a wooden board to be cut the hard way with a kitchen knife. To impress your guests, how about adopting a sausage guillotine ? With it, cut your slices of sausage as the evening goes, without any effort, to the diameter you want. And since wood is a living and rustic material, your aperitif tray could not be more user-friendly…