Connected kitchens: when home automation comes to the kitchen

Connected kitchens: when home automation comes to the kitchen

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Most French people love to cook, that's a fact. But the sometimes hectic pace of everyday life does not leave us time to appreciate the time spent behind the stoves. Lunch on the run, children who are hungry at the end of their day… Sometimes, cooking up delicious meals is a challenge! For a few years now, we have not counted the number of mobile applications, TV shows and other easy tutorials that flourish on the web. Today, artificial intelligence is arriving in our kitchens through new and more efficient home automation systems. No more cooking lessons to make small onion recipes. Overview of the major trends of today and tomorrow, to perhaps become the next Top Chef in your neighborhood!

A connected kitchen

© Cabinet Perst Home automation now extends to all rooms in the house. When we refer to home automation, we immediately think of alarm systems, lighting and automated heating. What if for once we were talking about cooking? In the internet age, it is today connected, open to the world . Be careful, we stop you right away: it's not about doing all the work for you! The three words to remember are: suggest, facilitate, and accompany. Does that speak to you?

Answer to everything

© Gorenge Artificial intelligence, simplicity and time saving every day. Like the smartphone or the weather station, connected objects in the kitchen all have a common goal: to help us in our daily life. Through a system of algorithms and keywords, they search, dissect and retransmit the requested information to us. Thanks to them, we also save precious time. What to cook with leftovers from my fridge? How to make macaroons or chocolate éclairs? How long to make a calf egg? So many questions that get reliable answers, in the blink of an eye! But we must admit, we also like these cooking tools for their fun and playful side. With them, cooking becomes child's play! It is now impossible to miss a recipe. And the whole family benefits!

From plate to well-being

© Escali Thanks to connected objects, it is now possible to eat better. In the field of well-being, we have witnessed the advent of connected bracelets and smart scales. The trend continues in the world of culinary home automation, offering new perspectives of better living. Even if it doesn't replace a dietitian, you can now track your calorie consumption. Some devices even offer real nutritional programs , according to everyone's expectations. A coach at home, who says better?

Connected comfort: limits and controversies

© Samsung If cooking aids have the merit of simplifying life, everyone remains in control of their cooking. As in the early days of home automation, the comfort of these new devices is still a luxury for some. Even if they tend to democratize, there are still some obstacles to buying. Without speaking about fear of data piracy - current sensitive subject - which remains rare, we reassure you! We also think of these reluctant moms / dads to see themselves divested of their role as chef in the kitchen. Do not be afraid. You must see your device as a clerk . Obedient and cultivated, he performs without arguing! Of course, as with every novelty, there is always a fear of the unknown . In their time, pressure cookers and microwaves had also come under criticism. This did not stop us from making them our friends today. Everyone has their own idea! But it seems that “To understand is already to love” ! To know more, here is a quick overview of the latest products of the moment.

The intelligent robot

© Kenwood The intelligent robot, a staple in your kitchen! On the market for a few years, it is the faithful companion of your recipes. From simple guacamole to a pastry dessert, he will stop at nothing. It weighs, chops, minces, mixes and cooks even your food. Connected to the internet, he gives the procedure to make the most complicated recipes. A must in your kitchen of tomorrow!

The smart fridge

© Samsung Few ingredients are left in the fridge? Do not panic, the latter offers you solutions! He gives its content directly on a screen in front. Thus, it is only opened when necessary. To save energy without moving a finger! But its role does not stop there, because it warns us when the expiration dates are approaching. Convenient to avoid waste.

The intuitive oven

© AEG Become the master of the stove, easy! With him, it's impossible to miss its cooking! Clever, it is able to adapt to the type of food. We select his recipe, and he adjusts its heat according to the volume detected. It also displays its temperature on a screen in real time. A good idea to deter small careless hands!

The stand-alone coffee maker

© Smarter A good coffee upon waking, perfect for a good start to the day. Allowing for the perfect dosage, we can program it for a good coffee straight out of bed. Tomorrow, it's decided, I'm getting up on the right foot!

The regulatory fork

© 10SFork Do not wait any longer to finally take your time! With its technology “Slow Control ”(Note:“slow control ”In English), this fork calculates the time between two bites. If we eat too quickly, it warns us with a vibration.

The dietician's plate

© Smart Plate A balance to any test! Connected to your smartphone, this magic plate helps to better balance your food portions. Equipped with weight sensors and three mini cameras, it does not hesitate to manifest itself when you are a little too greedy. Different mobile applications are dedicated to it. Perfect for keeping in shape.

And the cuisine of tomorrow?

© NCR The future begins now, and we can't wait to be there! Today, connected kitchen appliances still operate independently. But what will happen tomorrow? What does the kitchen of the future look like? We went to find out about the issue, and the experts seem unanimous. The cuisine of tomorrow will resemble a complete ecosystem. Unlike today, communication between our devices will be fluid for a total interconnection. For those who don't like spending time in the kitchen, cooking will never be a chore again! In principle, it seems very simple. First, we ask the fridge about its contents. In function, it offers us receipts . As he is clever, his choice is made in priority on foods whose expiration date is close . This avoids any waste. Then it sends the data to your cooktop, which, in effect, determines its temperature . The oven will also have been notified upstream, and will be already hot by the time you need it. Finally, screens integrated into the furniture or credenzas will follow a recipe, or even our favorite TV show!

© IKEA At Ikea, meal preparation is centralized on this intuitive work plan. In 2015, the Swedish giant Ikea notably imagined a hyperconnected space by 2025. Placing people at the heart of its priorities, it favors a sensory and intuitive approach rather than a 100% robotic environment. Technology, invisible at first glance, appears as simple support. Everything will revolve around a wooden worktop , authentic. By placing a food on it, we will then see its data appear: weight, nutritional values, recipe suggestions ... But it is not finished! The smart surface will also serve as an induction hob, to reduce the risk of burns. As for the fridge, it will transform into a pantry. As a shelving unit, it will also use the induction technology to cool its content. Less energy expenditure, for controlled consumption. We are already salivating!