Urban Jungle: when palm trees, pineapples and flamingos arrive in town

Urban Jungle: when palm trees, pineapples and flamingos arrive in town

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A fresh breeze seems to blow again this summer on the world of decoration. Inspired by Creole imagery and the old-fashioned charm of Polynesia in the 1960s, the Urban Jungle tornado is the trend to follow. Patterned plants, palm trees, and other cacti are exposed from floor to ceiling like a cabinet of curiosities. We play the card of luxuriance, of accumulation. Whether authentic, bohemian or graphic, here are the keys to a plentiful and offbeat tropical decor. Explorers of modern times, bring the jungle into your interior!

Original and authentic

© VT Wonen / CJ Harvey

Green, white and a few pastel touches for an authentic universe.

Originally, the urban jungle style was above all authentic, simple and close to nature. It is a real philosophy of life! The plant is considered to be the main protagonist. On the walls, mainly white, to keep a maximum of light. With small touches, on a section of wall for example, we infuse a few pastel tones: beige, verdigris, ocher, celadon blue… As for furniture and accessories, we move towards natural materials: linen, macramé, wicker baskets, terracotta pots, Berber rugs, wooden and rattan furniture ... and of course, we add plants in a mess! Something to restore serenity and freshness to our daily lives!

Variants and contrasts

© Alyse Studios / K Mart

Pink or blue-green, we dare the color for an Urban Jungle Bohemian atmosphere.

We decipher several variants in the Urban Jungle style. Here are the ones that seduced us the most. Need sparkling? We opt for the version Urban Jungle Bohème: fuchsia pink, duck blue, or even bright yellow sun! In small touches in an elegant wallpapervintage spirit , on a section of wall with a few accessories as a reminder ... We dare the pop and exotic side of these colors shifted . Again, plants, less present in number, but consistent in size, will delight your pupils with class. On the furniture side, we stay on light wood with retro lines, rattan mirrors, and bamboo chandeliers. We assert ourselves with an Emmanuelle armchair. Detail level, we accessorize as much as possible! What if we had fun with a few pineapples and flamingos? Any mischief is allowed, as long as we “mix and match” sparingly! Be careful, however, not to fall into the bidding of kitsch… although it can be fun!

© Zodio

For a graphic Urban Jungle atmosphere, we focus on the contrast of black and white.

Unconditional city dweller, this variation is for you! For a contemporary and arty interior, we opt for the variant Urban jungle Graphic . Bright minimalism, black, white with a touch of green… here is a resolutely design option. Textile level, we put on graphic patterns with vegetable and ethnic tendency. Here, no need to rob the garden center, we evoke the tropics with a few black and white photo frames, and voila! This time we choose industrial furniture with which we associate other materials: concrete, marble, cement tiles ... Some people do not hesitate to push the style to the extreme by playing the monochrome card. Why not you ?

Green as far as the eye can see

© Paige Jones / Restored

In accumulation in front of a window or suspended or ceiling, pretty plants to brighten up everyday life.

What would the Urban jungle trend be without tropical plants ? The gentle rustling of the foliage, the elegance of the large stems and their cut leaves, a whole world awaits you. Here, the plant is in the spotlight and we play thoroughly the card of accumulation. It's time to create a small collection, so let's take advantage! Small palm trees, banana trees, cacti, climbing or patterned plants, we vary the sizes, shapes and colors. In this regard, all shades of green are allowed : anise green, apple green, almond green, emerald ... Second important point, we do not hesitate to play on different heights. On the floor, on a shelf, at the top of the furniture and even suspended from the ceiling ... We also think of choosing pretty supports, such as a macrame pendant lamp, a terrarium with geometric lines, or even Thai baskets. The idea is to create a lush green corner. A real immersion in the heart of the jungle!

Make the wall

© Espace Nomad / Melody Davis

And you, what wallpaper will you choose?

On the walls, the wallpaper continues to have the wind in its sails! XXL patterns, flashy colors and vintage geometry… It is not “tropicool” who wants! With the advent of the internet, we now have access to an almost inexhaustible supply of patterns in different styles and tones. More or less realistic, like photo, engraving, line drawing or pictorial blur… all tastes are in nature! For a Hawaiian and whimsical side, we choose tropical flowers. They will be perfect for a headboard for example. Sweet dreams come from elsewhere! In the living room, we assume a model of character: lush vegetation, tropical animals or banana leaves. One or two walls will suffice so as not to go overboard. And on the walls that are a little too white, why not give a reminder? A few frames with a tropical atmosphere will be enough to get you on board. You can also make a herbarium, under glass, to hang on the wall in several parts. Thought moved for the green classes of our young years!

Birds of paradise

© Wall Flora /

The flamingo, this funny bird that puts pep's in the decor!

Animals are also part of the Urban Jungle trend. Besides parrots and other toucans, the decor star is undeniably the flamingo! Fun and essential, its color and extravagant posture make it a subject with strong graphic potential. A strong symbol of exoticism, the pink bird is the reflection of a desire for distant travel and warmth. Represented in a childish style on the bed linen or the dinette of our toddlers, it is available in a multitude of funny objects. But we also see it in other more distinguished uses: as a life-size statue in a corner of the living room, in a boho-chic print on the wallpaper or on the cushions. A real favorite.

A fruity atmosphere

© La Parada / H&M

Decline the pineapple in all its forms!

With his little palm tree on his head, if he is an essential fruit, it is him! Refreshing and graphic, pineapple is the king of tropical fruits. We love the geometry of its lines and its second degree. Often confined to the kitchen, we even allow ourselves to let him get some fresh air. With its bright shape, it is perfect for the terrace as a small mood lamp or as a light garland. There are many objects bearing his image: tealight holder, basket, household linen, storage compartment, stationery ... The list goes on. And if you have already succumbed, you can then fall back on banana or watermelon prints… For a very, very fruity atmosphere!