Roof spaces, for which room?

Roof spaces, for which room?

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If we spontaneously think of converting the attic into a bedroom or playroom, they may be suitable for other uses. A quick overview of the possibilities. A kitchen under the roof? The room will then focus on low layouts, with work surfaces that are deeper the lower the slope of the roof. This will avoid banging your head on the slope. And if there are tall cupboards, they must be made to measure. The idea is, as in a boat, to play cleverly with each corner in order to optimize the space. If possible, it is preferable to favor several small openings in the roof rather than a large one, and provide them with blinds to manage the heat. And why not use the attic to install a second bathroom? But beware of technical constraints: think of the wastewater flow (which must be provided near the drop column), the overload (a bathtub full of water weighs heavily) and the waterproofing, which must be perfect . And it is the slope of the roof that will determine the location of the toilets. Recovering attic space brings volume to the rooms located on the level below. The ceiling height can then go to around 5 meters. What create a mezzanine, climb a library or install seasonal storage in height. Attention, such a volume requires a well-studied heating. An architect will be able to help you make the best use of this new living space: home cinema, billiard room, gym… Some have even built a terrace or a swimming pool!


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