Decorative trend: we display the storage space!

Decorative trend: we display the storage space!

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Metal baskets

Storage boxes and baskets? We never have enough ! Especially when you can store everything and anything.

We fell for small metal baskets. In a kitchen, they can store jars, condiments, flour sachets and many more. In a bathroom, they can combine beauty products and makeup. Arranged on a desk, the baskets can be useful for storing stationery and other office accessories. In short, we always find them useful!

What styles of decoration? Scandinavian, industrial, rural, ... These adorable baskets adapt to any interior!

A wired metal grid

Do you want to save space with storage? This is what allows this wall grid ! You can hang all your little things on it.

In the kitchen, you can use it to hang utensils, pots of aromatic plants and recipe cards as on this inspiration. In the office, it can be used to store papers, pencils and other accessories to form an office organizer.

The right idea? Because it attaches to the wall and exposes itself to everyone's view, consider adding a few photos or illustrations to brighten up and personalize your new wall decoration! Phone a moodboard, change photos regularly according to your mood and the seasons!

Wired metal side tables

With the rise of Nordic trends, the decor is refocusing on the essentials. It is simple and elegant but above all practical and functional.

The side table is the perfect example. Flagship furniture of Scandinavian decoration, it is a 3 in 1 piece of furniture. On the one hand, it serves as an occasional table in the living room as in the bedroom. Then it can be used for storage thanks to the lifting tray. And finally, it is a decorative object in its own right that seduces with its clean lines and its pastel color. We can only crack!

What do we store there? Soft blankets and cozy cushions! Since we see them through the metal support, nothing like to attract the eye and promote a cozy and warm decor !

A clothes rack

You understood it, at this moment, the tidying up is stripped. Even the most imposing arrangements are shown in their simplest devices. Like clothes racks, which allow you to create open wardrobes!

Its wooden shelf allows you to store all your shoes. And because we no longer hide our things in the cupboards, you can proudly display bags and other accessories near the clothes rack!

How to adopt it? In an entrance hall, it sets the tone upon arrival and acts as a coat rack. In one bedroom, it gives character and creates a dressing space worthy of the most beautiful ready-to-wear stores.

A pompoms storage basket

If you like bohemian decoration, you necessarily like woven baskets. That's good storage baskets are more trendy than ever. Simple or patterned, they accumulate in all rooms of the house.

We love the Thai basket models with small colored pompoms. Perfect for a child's bedroom, but not just ... We imagine this basket as much in a parental bedroom as in a female office or even in the living room! And beyond its storage function, you can also use it as a planter to showcase a large plant! So what place are you going to find in your interior?

Metal storage shelves

Lover of vintage and industrial decoration, you will love this type of storage shelf. Designed in metal, it is made up of deep lockers that let you see everything you put in it. Because that's what the trend is about: proudly displaying all your belongings and letting your personality glimpse through the decor and everyday objects.

The good news ? This forces you to tidy up and organize your interior to a minimum so as not to give the impression of living in a joyful bazaar!

Our decoration advice : put the shelf in an entrance to store shoes and bags, in a room for clothes, in an office to archive all the paperwork or in a kitchen to store condiments, dishes and utensils!

Canvas baskets

We finish, once again, with small baskets! And you will understand, they are invaluable allies for the storage of the house! To change woven baskets, this time we offer you canvas baskets. With their graphic patterns, they will bring a little cheerfulness to your interior. The fixed handles ensure solidity and robustness and allow you to take them around your house.

We can imagine them perfectly in a bathroom or in a bedroom!

And in the bathroom, why not use them to store toilet paper in style? There is no reason why the smallest room in the house should not measure up to the others, should there be?


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