French fine earthenware is exposed

French fine earthenware is exposed

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Pipe earth, land of England, Lorraine, semi-porcelain or opaque porcelain… All of these appellations were brought together in 1844, under the general term of fine earthenware by the director of the Sèvres factory. Through forty exceptional pieces, the Sèvres museum (92) presents what was the emblem of French refinement in the 19th century. Exhibition "French fine earthenware, 1743-1843" at the Ceramics Museum of Sèvres, place de la Manufacture, Sèvres. Open 10 am-5pm (except Tue). € 3 (reduced rate) / € 4.50. Until February 23, 2009 > More info Photo: Covered oval sugar bowl and its Longwy display, Faïencerie Régnier, Musée Saint-Jean-L'Aigle, Longwy-Herserange © Rmn / Photo Martine Beck-Coppola


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