Comic characters take over the decor

Comic characters take over the decor

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The BD trend consisted of resin figurines with the image of superheroes. Today, she invests the house in the form of stickers, wallpaper or armchair ... Decryption.

The characters define a style

The BD trend allows you to create several styles. The great classics like Asterix, Boule and Bill or Lucky Luke, in stickers from Around the Wall, will give style to a child's room. The characters will bring a playful and childish note to an interior. The famous American comics of the 1950s, where muscular superheroes like Iron Man, Spider man or Hulk… often add a retro touch and a colorful touch to the decor. As to Mangas that represent a real popular culture in Japan , they are a real hit with 15-25 year olds. More excessive attitudes, onomatopoeias linked to expressions and exaggerated features appeal to "adulescents". Wahoouuuu!

A trend that fits everywhere in the decor

Whether in the living room with a painting, in the bedroom with an armchair or even in the toilet with a sticker for a little decorative wink, the BD trend adds a personal touch to its interior . One of the pioneers who brought comics into decoration was Jean-Charles De Castelbajac . Since the 60s, the designer has integrated everything into his creative universe, pop and colorful characters from cartoons. We love its black and white wallpaper composed of Japanese Mangas boards. And he even went so far divert the famous Toile de Jouy . By keeping the bucolic characters emblematic of this fabric, he played the dialogue by adding bubbles to make them discuss like cartoon characters.

Choosing a centerpiece

Please note, the BD decoration is visually very strong. To abuse it risks spoiling the desired effect and instead visually clutter your room. It is therefore preferable to use it sparingly for a good dosage.