Vegetable shopping for all gardeners

Vegetable shopping for all gardeners

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With the beautiful days, one has only one desire: to benefit from its garden, to make it flower and to cultivate its vegetable garden. From flower pots to planters, going through the vegetable patch or the greenhouse, without forgetting the flowerpot holders for the interior and other gardening tools, we have brought you all the essentials of the garden! Whether you are an expert in the subject or you do not have a green thumb at all, you will inevitably find what you are looking for ... No doubt, you will be the most equipped in the area!

The essential flower pots

Any gardener worthy of the name has plant pots by the dozen. And yes, when you are passionate, you don't count! But having a choice is above all about being able to choose plant pots suited to the needs of each plant. Flowers will not necessarily demand the same living conditions as a small tree. The size and shape of the pot will condition the life of your plant. This is why you should find out about the nutritional needs of plants before making your choice. Then, all you have to do is choose the model that suits your needs ... It's no more complicated than that!

Planters for a balcony or terrace

Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you can't garden! With planters, it is easy to grow flowers, plants and aromatic herbs. And there is nothing like it to create a small city garden and brighten up its exterior. To hang or to hang, in wood, metal or plastic ... You are spoiled for choice. The good news ? You do not necessarily need a balcony to use flower boxes! Windows can also accommodate them. You just have to choose a fixing system adapted to your window sill!

The supports for wooden pots

Notice to all those who have an exterior: the ladders as a support for your plants, this is the big trend of the moment! Why wood? Because there is nothing more suitable for the outdoors! But above all, because it is a timeless natural material that adapts to all styles of garden. Indeed, with wood, you can be sure to make the right choice! In terms of form, the time is gone when the planters were nothing but large rectangular tubs. Today, they are reinventing themselves and taking more atypical, more modern forms. From the ladder-shaped model to the standing version, passing through the triptych or wall planters, we no longer know where to turn!

Garden greenhouses

Let it be said, on paper, the garden greenhouse is not a dream. Yet if it is well appointed, it can prove to be a separate room, a haven of peace. How? 'Or' What ? By fitting out part of the greenhouse as a relaxation corner to come and enjoy this vegetal atmosphere with a good book and a tea! Of course, the goal is to grow a vegetable garden there. And it is for this reason that you must choose a greenhouse suited to your growing objectives. Tunnel greenhouse, chassis greenhouse, wooden or aluminum greenhouse… You are spoiled for choice! So to offer you a green corner worthy of a botanical greenhouse, you know what you have to do!

Large flower boxes

Friends gardeners, we teach you nothing: the choice of a flower box is not so trivial as you would imagine. Again, you need to know a minimum of plants to offer them an adequate tank without damaging their growth. If the flowers need space to spread their roots, you should choose a large container. Conversely, the shallow pots will go perfectly for seasonal flowers or bulb plants. A question of logic certainly, but not always obvious. Do not hesitate to customize your bins, add color, casters (…) everything is allowed! What make your exterior bloom with style and efficiency…

The essential watering cans

An essential accessory for the gardener, the watering can has become the emblem of the garden. So much so that it is today a decorative object in its own right. Because of its primary function - that of watering - we find models with various uses. Among them, we can cite the watering can spray for plants that require very little water or the models with or without watering head for planters and other large plantations. Anyway, the watering can is not limited to its main function. It can also be diverted as a planter for an original and rustic interior (or exterior) decoration!

The vegetable squares

Do you dream of a vegetable patch without having to make too much effort? The vegetable patch is for you! Indeed, it is a great ally when you want to grow your fruits and vegetables without having to work the soil. With it, it is no longer necessary to dig or hoe the ground. And because good news never comes alone: ​​the vegetable patch is ideal for small spaces. We imagine it as much in a garden as on a terrace or a balcony. You will understand, the vegetable patch is perfect for learning about the joys of gardening without having a garden!

The planters

After the flower pots, make way for the planters! The difference ? Flower pots have drainage holes, unlike plant pots, which are waterproof. In other words, the planters are more suitable for indoors since they allow watering the flowers without putting water everywhere! On the look side, there is something for everyone: ceramic for fans of handcrafted decor, hanging for lovers of bohemian style, bike-shaped for more atypical spaces, bright for fans of contemporary design ... Each style decoration, its flowerpot!