Make a stylish mirror

Make a stylish mirror

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Bring a new style to a basic mirror. Customize it by giving it an aged appearance and personalize it so that it finds its place in an entry, above the console for example! Step deco: A stylish mirror Level: easy Completion time (excluding drying time): 1h30 Indicative cost: 49.95 euros Necessary material: - Beveled mirror 60 cm x 60 cm = 9.90 euros - Raw wood moldings = 6.90 euros - Brown paint tube = 4 euros - Golden wax = 10 euros - Cherry wax = 12.25 euros - Strong glue = 6.90 euros Step 1: Provide an aged effect - Paint the molding brown - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Take a little wax with a cloth - Wax the molding Step 2: Create a frame - Cut the molding into 4 pieces of 57cm - To make the angles, use a miter box - Glue the moldings with strong glue 1 cm from the edges of the mirror Decorative button: For more style, we chose to glue the moldings, leaving over 1 cm to create a decorative effect.


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