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Today, when you have a hanging rod, a paint job or a piece of furniture to assemble, you can call on a DIY specialist who will meet your needs. Interview by Chloé Deschamps At the time of the boom in home decor services, you have decided to create Les Bricoleurs du Lundi. What was its impetus? My company is very recent, I created it in May 2008. I don't have any building training, I was a salesperson before. After working a lot in this area, I wanted to move on. From the impulse of friends who asked me for decoration advice and to whom I rendered DIY services, the idea came to me to make it my job. It is not a passion but a know-how, it is the desire to lend a helping hand with my fellow citizens because there are many needs! An outside eye is precious and essential to them. What services do you offer? I am an artisan, a man of all hands, a little "Shiva", this Hindu god with several arms. I can intervene to repaint a room but cannot redo an entire apartment for example by touching the taps. I can assemble a bathroom, a kitchen, put wallpaper, parquet… It goes from small DIY (ask a curtain rod) to a more important site like placing a whole terrace of exotic wood on a roof for example. The prices depend on the intervention. For a punctual and simple need, I work at the price of 35 euros per hour. Depending on the demand and the regularity of my trips, it is possible to switch to a package or a subscription. I propose in particular two hours per month at 75 euros. I can also make quotes, estimate the nature and cost of the work. What are the most recurring requests? Painting remains the most recurrent. Between water damage or the desire for change, the need remains strong and concentrates more than 80% of requests. This is what discourages individuals the most. At the same time I offer decorative advice to the client, I help them bring them to a result that they like. I can help to choose a paint color or advise the installation of shelves on a wall. > More info on


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