Wall decoration: lacquer

Wall decoration: lacquer

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Toolbox - Foam roller - Spalter - Very fine sandpaper with water (grains 180 and 280) - Sponge - Soft special glycerol brush - Thinner - Coating knife Special coating - Lacquer (zinc glycerol) - Cloth

The step by step


Prepare your support by making two or three passes of lacquer coating, carefully sanded, with a fine abrasive in water (grain 180). Dust with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth between two layers.


Use a plastic mixer or, better, a rotary mixer mounted on your drill to obtain a homogeneous paint, respecting the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.


Apply a first thin and regular layer, without extra thickness. Let it dry completely (24 hours between two coats), then sand with a water abrasive (grain 280) and dust off perfectly with a sponge until the water is completely clear.


Pass a second layer with a brush or roller and take care not to create any extra thickness, in particular on the moldings: "pull" your paint by passing the spalter several times. Better three thin layers than two thick…