8 essential accessories for a breakfast in bed!

8 essential accessories for a breakfast in bed!

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A practical and decorative rattan tray

It is the decorative accessory to have absolutely to make yourself a breakfast in bed: the tray. The more greedy you are, the more you choose it. Lying on the bed or on the bedside table, it brings a dose of good humor as soon as you wake up. As soon as it appears, you can be sure that the day will start well. Anyway, we love this model as practical as it is aesthetic! With its rattan braiding which gives it a vintage and rustic style, you can imagine it perfectly in a country house or in a room with a bohemian spirit. Aren't you too early in the morning? Your tray will be perfect as an accessory to present an aperitif dinner or as a TV tray!

Soft cushions

Breakfast in bed should be done at the height of comfort. And what could be better than ultra soft cushions to curl up in the bed? In most rooms, there are only two cushions per bed: one for each person. However, when you accumulate them, the bed takes on a whole new dimension. Not only does it gain in comfort but also in style. Choose them in light and natural shades for a romantic bedroom. Prefer cushions with pastel geometric patterns for a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. And opt for ethnic prints for a more exotic decoration. In all cases, consider combining cushions of different sizes and shapes to give volume to the bed.

A pretty duvet cover

In the same way as the cushions, the choice of the duvet cover is very important. Because that's the principle of a breakfast in bed: bundle up under the duvet and make the pleasure last. To do this, nothing like a linen duvet cover like this solid white model. Natural material par excellence, linen is one of the oldest textile fibers ever used. No wonder then, that it is a privileged material for bed linen. Otherwise, opt for cotton linen, colored or plain, it all depends on the taste of and your decoration!

Bowls, practical and aesthetic

Another essential accessory for breakfast: the bowl. Essential to have cereals or fruit salad, the bowl will naturally find its place on your tray. Because it is a decorative accessory in its own right, you must choose a model that suits your style and your personality. Soft colors are to be preferred for those who aspire to an alarm clock while serenity. Conversely, opt for vitamin colors for a more invigorating awakening! We have set our sights on colorful bowls. With multicolored patterns, they offer you a little sweetness when you wake up. As for its earthenware, they are part of the Scandinavian trend by promoting the authenticity of craftsmanship.

Bet on dessert plates for maximum effect

Traditionally, pastries and breads come in a basket. But for a more refined breakfast in bed, we recommend that you favor a presentation on a plate. Much classier, right? Especially when it is placed on a tray! For lovers of English breakfasts, you can also use it to present scrambled eggs, bacon, red beans ... In any case, match it with beautiful silverware for a breakfast worthy of the finest hotels!

Mugs that look like you

After the bowl and the plate, place in the mug. Obviously, one could not imagine the list of essentials for a breakfast in bed without mentioning it! Because it is thanks to him that we manage to take off the eyes and emerge very slowly. Finally, it is rather thanks to its container: coffee or tea according to preferences. And it is for this reason that it is in your best interest to choose a practical and pretty mug! And that will make you smile…

A soliflore and flowers, just for fun

A rare moment appreciated by all couples, breakfast in bed is also an opportunity to spread a message, that of love. And what could be better than an improvised bouquet of flowers to enhance this intimate parenthesis? To be placed directly on the shelf or on the bedside table, this graphic zinc soliflore will have its most beautiful effect! All you have to do is pick a pretty flower! Little touches that do it all: also remember to write a little word of love if you are preparing a surprise breakfast for your other half. You can also open the windows to enjoy the birds singing (weather permitting) or put on some relaxing music. All excuses are good for hanging around in bed for hours and hours…

A cloth to catch up with the damage

That's it your tray is finally ready. You proudly bring it to your sweetheart and sit comfortably by his side. Except that while savoring your preparations, you put crumbs everywhere on the sheets. And it must be said, there is nothing more unpleasant than leaving the bed when you are very warm. For a successful breakfast in bed - without having to get up -, don't forget the last accessory on this list: the tea towel. Even if its name does not make you want, it can be a stylish accessory. Especially if it is hung in evidence in the kitchen ... It only remains for us to wish you an awakening as pleasant as greedy!


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