Modulo, the new eco-friendly storage box from Ekobo

Modulo, the new eco-friendly storage box from Ekobo

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The eco-citizen company Ekobo designs objects that are both design and ecological from bamboo. In 2009, the company launched a new playful and practical collection, under the name of Modulo.

Modulo is an inventive storage box that allows several possible combinations.
Entirely made of bamboo, it consists of a container and a frame that fits into it. This frame is adorned with four different facets that can be changed with a simple gesture and which offers four storage possibilities. By the simple play of the facets, one modifies the function. Thus Modulo will find its place on your desk as a pencil holder, in the bathroom for extra storage, in the bedroom as a secret box or in the kitchen, on the work surface, to store spatulas, spoons or knives… The collection is available in 6 colors : black, white, mandarin, lime, gray and tomato to match your decor! On the price side, count 25 euros for the small model of 12 cm x 12 x 5 and 35 euros for the large model of 16 x 16 x 8 cm. A clever box that will make people envious!


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