10 decorative ideas to personalize an interior door

10 decorative ideas to personalize an interior door

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Don't forget to personalize our interior doors! As for decoration, they are, like the walls, a real field of expression on which we can let our imagination run free. There are many possibilities to personalize your door. But here are 10 ideas to draw "homemade"!

- Use stencils to reproduce a strong decorative motif on the room. - Place rods to form frames and paint the interior in color. - Cover the door with decorative paper, why not this now famous wallpaper with frame patterns (Graham and Brown) in which you will have your personal photos (photos to be fixed with Patafix so that you can easily change them). - Glue funny shaped mirrors (round at Ikéa for example). - Create a decor using stickers on a theme of your choice: nature, urban or abstract. - Cover the door with fabric: be careful, the operation is more delicate but also insulating if you put a fleece beforehand. - Paint your door with a slate paint to transform it into a writing board and leave messages. - Paint your door with magnetic paint to then magnetize everything you want. - For a child's bedroom, you can fix a small rod with a curtain on each side then paste a photo of Guignol, for example, in the middle. - For a library door, cover it with an adhesive with quilted patterns (Exquisite Sketch) to give it a "British" look.