Gwénaëlle Malcorpi's soft toys are to be adopted

Gwénaëlle Malcorpi's soft toys are to be adopted

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There is the loulou of the suburbs "Loup-Bar", head of a band of bad boys, the hens "Ricky Ta" which camouflage under their plumage a dapper Lolita in disco attire, and also the "Bonhomme Chaussette", a toe in a well-made body… "My characters are not nice little decorative teddy bears but real personalities with their faults, their faults and their moods. This is what makes all their humanity and makes them attractive to us. They are a little too thin, a little too big, a little too naive or concealers and why not? " explains designer Gwénaëlle Malcorpi. Children love to be scared and are curious about the difference. But who would want a perfect world where everyone is alike? > Discover his creatures on his site www.gwenaellemalcorpi.com


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