They live in a domotized house

They live in a domotized house

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Virginie R.'s home and the responses of a home automation pro, Marc-Antoine Micaelli, creator and leader of the Domoconsulting network. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

Why did you create Domoconsulting?

I had noticed that home automation products were more and more technological. The private individuals were lost and the installers too little accompanied by the industrialists. As a result, many home automation systems did not work because they were poorly designed. Hence the idea of ​​creating Domoconsulting, in 2004, a network of consulting engineers in home automation which supports the owners in the predisposition of the habitat, the choice of technologies and in the installation.

Where does the home automation craze come from?

The number of domotized houses increases by 30% per year. It is a strong but stable development. And it's better this way. We prefer a normally growing market rather than an explosion that would attract opportunists and scammers.

What about the number of products offered by manufacturers?

On that side, it explodes, indeed. This is why our engineers spend 30 to 60 days a year in training, experience sharing and product certification. We test and certify the products ourselves. Only 50 to 60% of them obtain certification.

What are the obstacles to home automation today?

First, the fact that home automation does not participate in the valuation of a good. Indeed, maybe that will change but for the moment, it does not yet bring added value to a house. Then, home automation still conveys a bad trust capital due to the fact that not so long ago, the installations were often badly designed. And then there is the cost of the products and the expertise of the technicians for the implementation. The budget allocated to home automation comes far behind DIY and decoration.


"Four years ago, we built a townhouse with a small garden. We wanted to integrate automation and a security system. I am often alone with the children during the week. So I needed to feel safe. I inquired on the Internet. Then I contacted the Domoconsulting network. The house was not finished. It was a good time to plan the wiring. We were very well advised. , we are equipped with a touch screen-computer, placed in the kitchen, and which allows us to manage the whole house: we can open and close the shutters, turn on and off the lights and the alarm system, adjust heating, and also controlling our energy expenditure. It has become the favorite game for children. By visualizing what we consume, we pay more attention to the lights, the time spent in the shower. It is very useful in everyday life Regarding security, we s have an outdoor camera, indoor and outdoor presence detectors, an alarm that activates automatically with a badge when I leave the house. At night, if someone crosses our gate, the exterior lights come on and a voice warns me, which is very dissuasive for intruders. The whole system is easy to use because it is very intuitive. Of course, this represents a budget, but we did it step by step. We are very happy with the result. "


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