Interior doors: mistakes to avoid

Interior doors: mistakes to avoid

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When renovating or building, pay attention to the purchase of your doors and especially the front door: measurements, direction of pushing, decorative aspect. Decryption of Pierre Varvincq, product manager Interior doors at Lapeyre. Interview by Bérengère Larivaud

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying a door?

You must be very careful with odds taking if you take them yourself. Particularly when it comes to doors under renovation for old housing. Dimensions are not always standard and walls may not be straight. Another thing: always think carefully about the traffic in your home to know if it is better to choose a right push or a left push.

What to do when you have a door to restore?

We offer a wide range of solutions for changing existing doors. Customers have the choice: Either they bring us their old door and a Lapeyre carpenter adapts the dimensions on a new door. Either we put a covering on the old frame without breaking anything. We have also filed a Lapeyre patent for this process. Our carpenters also move.

What are the latest trends in contemporary doors?

Wenge doors with an aluminum insert, for example, are in high demand. At the same time, the trend for dark doors is fading to move towards lighter things, such as whitewashed oak doors. But our bestseller is a model that looks like a Japanese panel, with frosted glass window inserts. Carpentry is available in a wide range of colors and material effects.


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