When the decor is sexy

When the decor is sexy

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Evocative lines, shimmering colors, soft materials, the decor becomes erotic. For several years, some creators have been enjoying it. Today more and more in the trend, we like to create at home a glamorous interior for a sensual decoration.

The creators set the tone

Evocative lines, shimmering colors, the decor is erotic. In the 80s, designer Gaetano Pesce had imagined an armchair all in foam reproducing the shapes of a busty woman. A sensual result and a real wink while being in good taste. The creators "Mat & Jewski" imagined a bench on a large white denim fabric where a naked man lying on his back seems to be resting and which, as the name suggests, allows "Do not sleep alone". Other creators have chosen to revisit the great classics of decoration, such as Pascale Risbourg from "K-Lou Design", who literally fell in love with the Jouy canvas during a visit to the Jouy-en-Josas museum . She let herself go to pastiche the traditional motif on cushions, wallpaper, or dishes and makes it a most allusive version. His sketches are veritable erotic paintings which contrast with the very classic style of the canvas. Likewise, the "Her" chair by Fabio Novembre for Casamania which takes up the lines of the famous pantone chair, but which in a more suggestive expression stages the silhouette of a naked woman seated.

The charms of a glamorous decor

The sexy decor also goes through the color. Awaken desires with warm shades that are reminiscent of female lingerie. Red par excellence, burgundy, roses, dark purple and black are particularly recommended. So, sharpen the senses by decorating the walls with an alluring frieze with the large slabs of lace from "Exquise Essquise". Without excess but always in good taste, we stick a sticker of the Ephemeral Invasions which, like a silhouette, suggests the generous shapes of a Pin Up. Good advice to remember: a cozy interior promotes communication, so think of the heart cushions from "bonjourmoncoussin" in a flamboyant red. Arranged on the bed or on the sofa they will allow you to curl up comfortably. And, do not hesitate to subdue the atmosphere of a soft light with the love candle from "Chambre 69". With intoxicating scents, it transforms in a few minutes into a massage oil for the body. It's your turn !


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