The use of the decorative mirror

The use of the decorative mirror

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Mirrors allow you to visually enlarge the space. Save space, visually!

The mirror to modify the volumes of a room

To give height, prefer a large mirror placed vertically. If you want to give depth, place a mirror at the bottom of the room, at the end of a corridor for example, it will seem endless. A large mirror placed horizontally will give width to your room, but it must be large enough. Remember, a mirror should always be placed so that a person of average height (1.70 m) can see it. Another tip: two mirrors placed face to face. They will give the impression of doubling your space. Also play with light. Put your mirror in front of a window, for example, the light will be reflected and invade all the room. On the other hand, do not point the light source of a lamp directly at a mirror, this would reduce the effects of enlargement. Finally, if you can, put a large mirror in a corner of your room on a piece of furniture, it will multiply the perspectives.

The mirror for the decorative effect

In terms of decoration, the profusion of small mirrors of all shapes and colors offers you a wide choice. Divert the mirror from its original function to make it a decoration accessory in its own right. Buy small square mirrors, for example, and arrange them around a canvas to make a frame. Stick mirror stickers to add a decorative effect to your room. Even if their magnification effect is not that of a real mirror, they will still help to reflect the light. Also think of smoked mirrors. Finally, get an old mirror whose support is quite solid, provide it with handles, and use it as a tray!