10 ideas for a loft decor

10 ideas for a loft decor

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With a few tips, give a loft look to your apartment! Steel with industrial furniture and wood on a parquet with wide slats, gray, black, orange-red furniture… Here is our selection of decor ideas to think big!

New York-style briquette facing

Cover an entire wall with facing briquettes to give your apartment a New York loft spirit. But be careful to choose the color. Avoid red "flamed" bricks at the risk of making your interior look like that of a pizzeria. You will find in particular very pretty at Orsol (47 € per m2).

Unified flooring throughout the loft

Put the same floor covering in the entrance and the kitchen as well as in all the living rooms. Ideally, aged parquet. But steel-style PVC can also do the trick for a lower cost.

An architectural element in color

If you have a post in your room, turn this drawback into an asset: highlight it, paint it in color, metal, gray, black or red for example, make it an architectural element in its own right in your loft decor .

A pan of magnetic paint

Paint a wall section or door with magnetic black paint. You can in particular attach magnetic hooks to hang, for example, pretty tea towels.

The cast iron recovery radiator: essential for loft deco

Replace your ugly gray or white radiator with an old recovery radiator - in "flowery" cast iron, for example - that you will buy from a seller of recovery materials. Guaranteed result!

A decorative wood stove

Invest in a wood stove. It's trendy, some heat really well and even benefit from a 40% tax credit, and it changes the look of a room instantly and will give a touch of decorative design to your "loft".

Little furniture: the key to a successful loft decor

If you live in a small space, opt for as little furniture as possible and good dimensions: an XXL sofa, a large painting, a large hanging lamp, an indoor planter in which you will grow an extravagant plant ...

Industrial furniture on casters

Nothing like industrial furniture on casters. For example, a coffee table made of a pallet mounted on casters, or furniture with drawers.

Enameled advertising signs

Have fun picking up old enameled advertising or inscription plaques. The trendiest: "No smoking"!

A wood and metal staircase

If you have a duplex, here again, go and hunt for a wooden and metal staircase (at the flea market or on e-bay) to replace your ordinary varnished pine staircase. It's pretty and timeless. The day you get tired of your loft decor, I bet you will keep the stairs!

References of our loft decor

PVC flooring PVC imitation metal flooring, Metallica Gray, from 8 to 12 € per meter. Tarkett. Recovery cauldron

Maxi cauldron as an indoor planter Wood and metal staircase Metal and wood turning staircase Cast iron radiator "Flowery" cast iron recovery radiator Loft style briquettes A section of wall covered with Orsol facing briquettes Color pole The post painted aubergine color becomes a central and architectural element Zinc coffee table

Zinc coffee table mounted on large casters Old-fashioned stove A chef's cooker with 5 cooking fires.


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