The top 6 bath rugs

The top 6 bath rugs

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The bathroom is a place where you take care of yourself. It is a place where you recharge your batteries, which should be looked after both in decoration and in comfort. So, just like the living room or bedroom, she has the right to her decorative carpet!

The cheapest bath mat

The Ikea "Nackten" bath mat is 1.50 euros. All dressed in white, it is composed of a latex face for a non-slip effect and a second polypropylene for the soft side. At 1.50 euro, you can even have one in front of the bathtub and a second in front of the sink to be 100% fitting!

The funniest bath mat

The "Frog" carpet by Fly in the shape of a frog will surely be unanimous among the little ones. Thus, no more whims to avoid taking a bath, quite the contrary, children will love it. Measuring 59 cm by 63 cm, it is available in blue or green and is made of 100% acrylic. Sold at 19.90 euros, it will add a real touch of whimsy to your bathroom.

The most explicit

Ideal for somewhat difficult mornings, the "Shower" bathroom mat at Fly indicates the most direct route to the shower. There are two colors: black and white or blue and white. Large, since it measures 70 cm by 70 cm, one side is acrylic and the second is cotton. On the price side, count 15 euros.

The most fun

Original, the Alinéa "Pleausure" bath rug will surprise many. Made of PVC, it is practical with its non-slip suction cups and very decorative with its two flashy colors: pink or green, or on the contrary more discreet, in transparent or white. It is available in two sizes: square format 54 x 54 cm for the shower or rectangular 80 x 40 cm for the bath, it is sold from 9.90 euros.

The most fluffy

It will surely be very pleasant to slide his feet in the middle of all his wicks. In cotton and polyester, the Alinéa "Pépita" bath mat in bright colors is a real treat to wake up gently. In pink, purple, fuchsia or green, it is woven by hand. Its price of 11.90 euros is also a treat.

The 3-dimensional carpet

The Serge Lesage "Macaron" bath mat is like a cake straight out of the oven ... In addition to being a real feast for the eyes, its cotton and bamboo composition offers it a soft and fluffy texture. There are 3 colors to choose from: chocolate, ecru and taupe and on the price side count: 29.50 euros.