Green deco, the ecological decorative canvas

Green deco, the ecological decorative canvas

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The decorative canvas is now ecological thanks to the company Déco Act which has recently disseminated the Green Deco collection: wall decorations on ecological canvas made by graphic designers and photographers. We knew Acte Déco for its wall decors, canvases and stickers, with a strong graphic bias and suitable for all rooms in the house, from a child's bedroom to the bathroom. The company today presents a new range printed on an ecological support with ecological inks. Whether stickers, paintings, strips of wallpaper or even video walls, the decorations are made on Jet Tex canvas, a textile without PVC or VOC (volatile organic compounds). The adhesive used also respects the environment by its low toxicity during its degradation. Finally, the inks have also been developed with respect for the environment (nickel free in particular and emitting little VOC). In terms of creation, choose between the photographic plant decorations of Isabel Nort, the urban graphic decorations of Lara Brehm or the pop universe of Laure Delcourt. Many formats are available, which can adapt to different volumes of parts. And the collection will soon be enriched with new creations and new creators. Green Deco: a collection to follow…


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