10 microwaves from 44.99 euros

10 microwaves from 44.99 euros

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The idea of ​​the microwave oven appeared in the military universe in the American radar society Raytheon: the engineer Percy Spencer had the idea of ​​using microwaves for cooking. In 1946, the company filed a patent for the microwave cooking process and built the first microwave oven in 1947. Very expensive and bulky, it was intended for catering professionals and did not meet with great success. It was not until 1967 that the first domestic microwave oven appeared. Today, it is practically unthinkable not to have a microwave. Very useful for reheating dishes, it is also used for everyday cooking. There are even cookbooks devoted to this particular cooking.

Technical side

There are several kinds of microwaves: you will find the mono function which will only allow you to cook microwaves, the microwave oven with a grill function and the multifunction microwave oven which offers microwave cooking, grill and hot air. Prices vary according to performance (from 44.99 euros).

Decorative side

Manufacturers have adapted to modern kitchens with a sober and elegant design. You will mainly find white or steel microwaves but others offer brighter colors like red at Whirlpool (191 euros). Finally Samsung (89 euros) and LG (201 euros) offer models decorated with flowers for a more feminine cuisine.