The non-woven Décofibre, a revolution in wallpaper

The non-woven Décofibre, a revolution in wallpaper

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Wallpaper has experienced a real revival for ten years. At the origin of this success, the invention of non-woven wallpaper, a support with revolutionary properties, of which the company Chantemur, one of the leaders in the distribution of wallpaper in France, is one of the precursors. Explanations from Gwenaëlle Quesnoit, Product manager Wall covering (wallpaper and sticker) at Chantemur. How do you explain the current craze for wallpaper? Very popular in the 70s and 80s, the wallpaper gradually regained its letters of nobility. This is explained by the renewed interest of the general public in decoration, the fashion of the single panel in the decoration of a room, and especially the creations of the industrialists set on the new trends. The arrival of non-woven wallpaper has reinforced this enthusiasm by its ease of installation. The Décofibre non-woven fabric now represents more than 50% of our sales. How was Décofibre created? Chantemur was the first company to offer colored and patterned non-woven wallpaper. These products are now sold under the name Décofibre. The non-woven wallpaper was originally a covering intended to cover the walls to hide irregularities. It was only available in white and in a 25m reel and was therefore associated with renovation works. This new support having many advantages to the installation compared to traditional wallpapers, it was then proposed to print patterns and to offer it in the format of traditional rolls of wallpaper 10m by 53cm. The success was immediate. What are the characteristics of the Décofibre non-woven fabric? Thanks to this new coating, upholstery becomes a real breeze. No need for a upholstery, to pre-cut the strips in advance or to let them soak. Just apply the glue directly on the wall, then line the Decofiber on the wall by unrolling the roll and finally cut the strips at the top and bottom of the wall. The resistant texture of the non-woven fabric guarantees a perfect finish, without the risk of tearing. Thanks to the Decofiber, two hours are enough to line a room 4 m by 6 m. Its removal is also much faster. No need for a stripper. When you want to change the decor, just pull the strip from the top of the wall down, and it peels off completely without leaving any underlay. What are the new products in Decofiber? At Chantemur, we distribute between 30 to 40 new models of wallpaper per month from a collection that includes around 500. Our ranges are constantly evolving and adapting to customer demand. Currently, we are having great success with Decofiber wallpapers with large geometric patterns in black, white and silver, but also plant patterns in green and brown tones.


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