The pergolas: a very decorative shaded area in the garden

The pergolas: a very decorative shaded area in the garden

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Enjoy your green space with a pergola

The outside is often neglected during the winter since the temperatures are not conducive to barbecue and lazing on the terrace. As soon as the first rays of the sun appear, this place becomes attractive again. You have therefore decided to arrange it in order to create a cocooning and relaxing place. The pergola is now an essential piece of equipment which has real advantages, but the choice is sometimes complex. We guide you in your selection with a few recommendations.

Zoom on the pergola, this decorative garden construction decorated with climbing plants which creates a cool and shaded area outside. The pergola, a word of Italian origin, was not born from the last rain. Already in Antiquity, this shelter was appreciated for the shaded and aesthetic corner it offered in the garden. The concept was simple, but the result refined and practical: wooden columns supporting horizontal beams as roof on which we grew climbers : vine leaves, honeysuckle or jasmine. Even today, this same wooden structure is still very popular because of its harmonious appearance, which blends wonderfully in the lush greenery setting. However, the choice of materials and shapes has greatly diversified, sometimes making the pergola more like an arbor.

The pergola adapts to all exteriors and all styles

Apart from the traditional pergolas in wood , there are now versions in aluminum much more weather resistant (but more expensive), as well as wrought iron, stronger and therefore more resistant to the weight of plants, such as wisteria or rosebush. But above all the pergola adapts to all exteriors: veranda, terrace or garden. So it can be Lawn or against a wall . You can even choose to cover it with a protective cover rather than foliage. Anyway, it creates a real extra living space outside for a dining area or a relaxation area. Prepare for summer by changing your arbor with our price comparison!

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A bioclimatic pergola for maximum comfort

The pergola is available in several models as shown by Orion Menuiseries. Depending on your budget, you succumb to the polycarbonate version, to the canvas, but it is undoubtedly the bioclimatic model that stands out. Consumers are attracted by this aluminum structure and the adjustable blades. It adapts easily to your exterior whether vintage, contemporary or traditional. However, it is the operation which is gratifying since some references are fitted with sensors. They detect the first drops of rain, which causes the blades to close, so you are always safe despite the sometimes unattractive circumstances. This sun protection is ideal for a terrace since it covers up to 28 m². You will no longer be disturbed by these rays thanks to this much more modern layout. In fact, the manufacturers transformed the structures using noble and flexible materials such as iron, wood or aluminum.

Aluminum is the most designer material and easy to maintain

If you have no difficulty in determining the surface or the form, it is undoubtedly the structure which is found in the center of a thousand questions. As we have specified, several materials are possible and each time there are strengths as well as disadvantages. For decoration fans, aluminum wins the game since this material is perfectly in line with current trends. It is easy to maintain and above all it offers good longevity. Your pergola can therefore follow you for many years without a significant investment on your part. Several colors are possible and this is also the case for the shape. It can be attached to your house to protect your terrace, but around the pool or in the center of your garden, it will also have a special place. The aluminum pergola promises you surprises with warm lighting in order to build a cocooning place.

There is elegance with wrought iron, but it has a great weakness, namely corrosion. This pergola is not recommended if you are staying in a humid environment or near an ocean or sea. It will still require a rather laborious specific treatment since it is necessary to sand the pergola each time to offer it some extra years and give it back its youth of yesteryear.

It is impossible to talk about landscaping in your garden without thinking of wood, which also requires significant maintenance. It is sensitive to parasites, so you will need to apply a coat of stain at least once a year to protect it from moisture, but also from termites. If you do not follow these tips, your pergola will lose its beauty over the years and above all it will adopt a gray tint sometimes unpleasant to contemplate.

How about a pergola with a blind?

If you want to juggle the shade and the sun, the roll-up pergola is the best solution. You have a structure powered by electricity or solar panels if you want renewable energy. In a few seconds, the blind can open and close according to your needs. Take a blind treated against UV rays, this prevents discoloration and especially a suffocating feeling when you are sheltered. They are thus filtered and you really benefit from this shade throughout the day.

As is the case with bioclimatic pergolas, protection is effective even with rain. While the thermometer reads more than 25 degrees, you don't have to go inside your home. The blind protects you in all circumstances, so you make the most of your outdoors. Some structures are equipped with a specific drain for rainwater that you can collect to water your vegetable patch.

The pergola therefore adapts to your needs and especially to your outdoors. This structure is practical, it brings an additional value to your accommodation which optimizes your comfort.