The sanibroyeur in everyday life: installation and use

The sanibroyeur in everyday life: installation and use

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Three questions for Clément Nicot, SFA product manager. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

Are there any rules to follow when installing a toilet crusher?

First of all, follow exactly what is indicated in the installation instructions supplied with the shredder. All important points are reported. For example, install the vertical drain first and then the horizontal drain, respecting a 1% drainage slope. Of course, bathroom standards must also be observed regarding the location of the electrical outlet.

What are the precautions when using a grinder?

First and foremost, a toilet crusher only grinds stools and toilet paper. So do not throw in any female periodicals, condoms or even special wet toilet wipes. Regarding maintenance, a grinder is cleaned like conventional toilets, with the same products. It is nevertheless advisable to descale it twice a year using a special product. Then a grinder under normal conditions of use can last for many years.

Are there risks of overflows?

If the electricity is cut, there is a risk of overflow. Because if you use your toilet when the grinder is not plugged in, it will not drain the water from the toilet. It is also strongly recommended to use an electrical outlet with differential circuit breaker reserved only for the use of the shredder in order to protect the device in the event of a power failure. In general, in the event of operational problems, it is better to call a convenience store or the manufacturer's after-sales service because a shredder contains a pump, knives or a grater and electricity. This requires the utmost caution.