10 ecological washing machines

10 ecological washing machines

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Water has become a precious resource. The manufacturers of washing machines have understood this, they who offer us effective products today that consume less and therefore pollute less. On the occasion of the 2009 Paris Fair, we are offering a selection of washing machines that make the most of technology to reduce your consumption of water, electricity and ... laundry. Four solutions to reduce your energy bill:

- Steam

Among the manufacturers' innovations, steam is on the rise: in fact, it attacks dirt at the heart of the laundry without damaging it. Whirpool and LG have understood this and each offers machines using this technology (Aquastream from Whirpool and direct steam drive from LG).

- Electricity

It is possible to lower your electrical expenditure with each wash. Some washing machines now connect directly to your hot water tank. This hot water is less expensive than that generated by the heating element of the washing machine. Even better, you can save up to 70% in electricity by connecting your machine to a solar water heater. Equip yourself with a double connection machine like the "Sunny" from Electrolux.

- The water

To optimize your water consumption, Vedette offers an intelligent machine that measures its hardness. Your laundry consumption thus adapts to the quality of your water (washing machine VLD6127). Note also the Panasonic innovation which optimizes the speed of rotation of the cycle and offers two machines with a slightly inclined drum to reduce water consumption.

- Washing

Reducing laundry expenses is Brandt's concern: Fill the detergent tank approximately every 3 months and the "Dose e" appliance releases the optimal amount for each wash. It is also the Bosch method: the latest addition to the brand weighs your laundry, releases the amount of detergent needed. Finally, why not remove the laundry? By electrolysis of water, a new generation of washing machines claims to remove dirt from the laundry (except materials of animal origin) without using detergent (Wash20 from Haier). For or against? Let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below.