Baby hygiene accessories

Baby hygiene accessories

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Your baby's hygiene is very important and you spend a lot of time on it every day. For the comfort of your child and to facilitate your work, opt for accessories adapted to each task:

For the bath

For your baby's daily bath, you will find many plastic baths in all children's stores. To save space, prefer a baby bath that will attach to your bath (Bébé Confort, 19.90 euros). If you do not have a bathtub, there are bath seats designed specifically for the shower. (Babysun Nursery, 39.90 euros)

For hygiene

The passage to the potty is an important moment in the child's life which is not always easy. To help him, do not hesitate to offer him playful pots that will help him tame the toilets of adults. For a smooth transition from the potty to the adult toilet, use a toilet reducer with handy steps and handles to make it feel secure. (Baby Sun Nursery, 37 euros)

For the toilet

For the toilet of the little ones, you will also find changing tables which are fixed on the bathtub for a significant saving of space (Bébé Confort, 129 euros). Older children can learn to brush their teeth in front of a sink specially designed for children, which adapts to their height by hanging on to the bathtub (Awakening and games, 22 euros). Finally, nothing is easier than accessing the parents' sink thanks to a playful flower-shaped step which also serves as a stool and a toy chest. (Babysun Nursery, 17 euros)