Make an organic vegetable garden in your garden

Make an organic vegetable garden in your garden

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To stay on trend and create a small square of organic fruit and vegetables, Marc Gueguen, Head of garden research and development at the Truffaut store, gives us his advice. Interview by Emmanuelle Maran

How to make a square of organic fruits and vegetables?

There is not really a method to follow, rather indications to follow. Be careful not to embark on an overly imposing square, the ideal dimensions range around 100, 150 square meters. It is necessary to divide the chosen plot into four squares of more or less equal dimensions. Favor the rotation of crops from one square to another by opting for leafy vegetables like salad, cabbage ..., root vegetables like carrots, potatoes ... then fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes, the melon…

An organic vegetable garden, what ecological gestures?

Fruits and vegetables consume a lot of water, the remedy for this high consumption is mulching. It not only avoids a significant loss of water, but it also prevents the development of weeds. Linen mulching, highly recommended, allows fruits like strawberries that lie on the ground, not to get stained. Beyond the economic and aesthetic virtues, it prevents slugs from attacking vegetables that do not really like to bite their stomachs with straws. Finally, do not see the vegetable garden as a constraint, to observe it, to take a walk every day, it is to take a big breath of oxygen before going to work.

What about fertilizer?

The ideal is compost. To enrich the soil after turning it over, use your own compost made from lawn waste or other plants, but be careful, it must be fully ripe and completely decomposed. Otherwise, the manure composed of manure and seaweed is a very good base for vegetables. Algae contribute to the development of microbial life, a large consumer of organic matter, it only transmits the best to the soil. Finally, for the lazy, there are organic and ecological fertilizers on the market, very effective for long crops such as squash and eggplants.

There remains the problem of insects, diseases, how can I naturally fight them?

Growing the same plant in the same place means making it not only resistant to pests and remedies, but also depleting it in specific amounts! To remedy this, remember to carefully border the squares of aromatic plants. They smell good and above all effectively protect your crops. The combination of tomatoes and basil is an ideal bulwark against insects, just like that of cabbage and dill, carrot and chives, or bean and thyme. As for very fragrant flowers such as nasturtium or marigolds, they effectively repress ants, slugs or any other enemy of your vegetable garden. Finally, a little more: chives are ideal for increasing the production of your tomatoes and melons.


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