The Harlequin inspiration in decoration

The Harlequin inspiration in decoration

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Do you think it's high time to bring some cheer to your interior? Let yourself be tempted by an Arlequin-inspired decor, perfect for young and old! Brighten up your interior by taking inspiration from the famous character of the commedia dell'arte: Harlequin! Appeared in the 16th century in Italy, his costume is made of multicolored diamonds which would represent the multiple facets of Harlequin. For your decor, it is not a question of abusing colors at the risk of saturating your interior but of using them in small touches. You can very well remain sober by opting, for example, for the entrance furniture of the brand Grange decorated with a lozenge decor in turquoise and chocolate tones. The sticker, made up of three figurines from the Italian popular theater, is also a discreet nod to the famous character. Finally, know that this Harlequin decoration is quite suitable for your children. As evidenced by the various objects of our shopping, such as the beige and cream lamp from the brand "Les fées" déco or the multicolored hanging laundry basket.


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