The meal trays seen by Luminarc

The meal trays seen by Luminarc

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Based on the observation that one in two French people prepares a meal tray at least once a week, Luminarc has created a special range for meals taken outside the table. Very busy, many French people eat their meals while watching television, listening to the radio, reading magazines, telephoning or surfing the Net. Evenings with friends are improvised and now organized around the coffee table and on the living room sofa for more conviviality. The Takeat collection by Luminarc is a tableware adapted to these new behaviors: The cups include a handle to pass the thumb and thus have the object well in hand to take your meal on the sofa (5.90 euros). The plastic salad bowl is enriched with two containers to clip on the edges to save space, have everything at hand and so that everyone can personalize their salad (19.90 euros). The verrines become clever and no longer slip on the tray thanks to their silicone grip which allows total adhesion to the support (4.90 euros). Practical you can add on the glass even a small ergonomic spoon to be able to taste your dessert (5.90 euros). Practical and fun accessories that will quickly leave the table! > More info on


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