Have air conditioning installed at home

Have air conditioning installed at home

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Air conditioning is a comfortable way of life when the heat of summer is felt. But the choice of the type of air conditioning and its installation are far from easy! Dan Amar, air conditioning professional for ten years at AD.PRO, enlightens us with his know-how and experience to choose an air conditioning suitable for his home and his needs. Interview by Caroline Delman What is the right approach to have air conditioning installed? You must contact a professional who will come to take measurements at home and tell him which rooms need to be air conditioned. The person will then make a thermal assessment that only he can carry out and will offer a quote. What are the different types of air conditioning available? There are two main ones: monoblocks and splits. The monobloc is a unit that is placed in a room in which you have to make a hole to bring out a sheath to the outside. The split consists of at least one unit inside and one outside. The split can be bisplit, trisplit or quadrisplit depending on the number of units in the house. What are the main differences between monobloc and split? The monobloc was invented for people living in apartments where it is forbidden to install an air conditioning unit on the balcony. But for those living in a lodge I recommend the more powerful split. How to ensure that the units will be silent? You can find all indications of decibels from manufacturers. As an indication, beyond 55 to 60 decibels, the noise begins to be annoying. How much does it take to install air conditioning in a room of 20 square meters for example? The price varies mainly depending on the brand. On average for a room of 20 square meters, count around 3500 euros. Finally is there a way to ensure that the professional is reliable? Yes and recently! A whole new regulation obliges people of the profession to have a diploma accompanied by a "Certificate of Capacity". This has been in effect since July 4. Not everyone has their certificate yet because it takes time but for some time it will be a good way to avoid scams! A good address : A.D PRO 181 rue Robespierre, 93170 Bagnolet Tel: 01 48 31 00 88 On the net:


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