Ikea furniture assembly plans - from D to F

Ikea furniture assembly plans - from D to F

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We have listed the Ikea assembly plans to download from the website of the Swedish furniture manufacturer. If a link turns out to be broken, mention it in the comments at the bottom of the article.

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter D

DACKE Kitchen island 150x75-100 cm
DALSELV Bed frame 90x200 cm
DALSELV Double bed frame
DAVE Laptop side table
DETOLF Viitrine 43x163 cm
DIGNITET Steel cable 5 meters stainless steel
DIKTAD Wardrobe 80x168 cm
DIKTAD Cot 55x112 cm
DIKTAD Changing table / chest of drawers
DOCKSTA Table 105 cm
DOMSJÖ Single sink 53x45 cm
DOMSJÖ Single sink 62x65 cm
DOMSJÖ Double sink 82x64 cm

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter E

EDLAND Canopy bed
ELGA Wardrobe 145x58x203 cm
ELGA Sliding doors 73x196 cm
EFFEKTIV Low and high complementary element 85
EFFEKTIV Low and high wall cabinet 85
EFFEKTIV Support for hanging files 85 cm
EINA Bed frame 90x200 cm
EKESKOG 3-seat sofa frame
EKESKOG Convertible 3 places
EKORRE Rocking Elan
EKTORP 3-seat sofa cover)
EKTORP 2-seat sofa bed cover
EKTORP Daybed Structure
EKTORP Corner sofa frame
EKTORP PIXBO Convertible structure 3 places
EKTORP BROMMA Footrest structure
ELVERDAM Extending mixer
EMSEN Built-in sink 1 bowl 56x46
ENETRI Scale 33x158 cm 2 pieces
ENGAN Wardrobe with 2 doors)
ENGAN Chest of 2 drawers 78x70cm
ENGAN Chest of 4 drawers 78x70cm
ENGAN Bed 140x200 cm
ENGAN bedside table
ERIK cabinet with 2 drawers
ERIK wardrobe with 3 drawers
EXARBY Convertible
EXPEDIT Accessory with door 33x33 cm
EXPEDIT Accessory with 2 drawers 33x33 cm
EXPEDIT Bookcase 149x79 cm
EXPEDIT Bookcase 149x149 cm
EXPEDIT Bookcase 185x185 cm
EXPEDIT Shelf 44x185 cm
EXPEDIT TV cabinet 185x185 cm
EXPEDIT Glass table

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter F

FAGELBO Right or left corner convertible
FAKTUM Black leg 4 pieces
FAKTUM Base cabinet
FAKTUM High cabinet
FAKTUM Structure horizontal wall element 70x40 cm
FAKTUM Structure horizontal wall element 70x40 cm (old model)
FAKTUM Structure horizontal wall element 92x40 cm
FAKTUM overhung element 60x57 / 60x35 cm
FAKTUM Base cabinet corner 90x90 cm
FAKTUM Base cabinet low angle 120 cm
FAKTUM Base cabinet built-in oven 60x70 cm
FAKTUM Cabinet element oven / refrigerator width 60 cm
FAKTUM Cabinet element 60x195 cm
FAKTUM Cabinet element structure 195 cm height x 35 cm depth
FIRA mini chest of 3 drawers 36x26x25 cm
FJELLDAL Loft bed 140x200 cm
FLÄRKE TV bench 63x44 cm
FLÄRKE Computer trolley 80x55 cm
FLÄREN Storage combination with door and drawer 39x126cm
FLORÖ bed frame 160x200 cm
FÖRHÖJA Trolley 100x43 cm
FORSBY Table 180x100 cm
FORVANA Adult bike
FORVANA Children's bike
FREDEN Sink cabinet 80x81 cm
FREDERIK Workstation 128x72 cm
FREDRIK Workstation 98x62 cm
FRIEL Media range 99x103 cm