Have a staircase installed at home

Have a staircase installed at home

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Have you had your house built or renovated and want to install a staircase? First read these tips from a professional. Indeed, the purchase of a staircase is an important act both financially and in the layout of your home. Industrial or tailor-made? Straight or tilted? In wood ? Made of metal ? So many important questions to ask yourself when choosing your staircase. Stephane Dagano, sales consultant at Ascenso, shares his expert opinion with us. Interview by Caroline Delman Should you choose an industrial or custom staircase? What motivates the choice of an industrial staircase at a large brand is the price. However, the stairs offered often have fixed heights and widths that rarely adapt to the exact dimensions in your home. It is often necessary to make connections and it is not very aesthetic. In addition, quality is not always there and it is essential for a staircase to be reliable! This is why I think that tailor-made is more suitable and, moreover, chosen by a large majority of households. What approach should you take when buying a staircase? Contact a professional who will come to your home. At your home, he can take measurements, assess the direction of circulation in the room and suggest the different types of stairs possible for your home configuration. I also advise my clients to always go to a person with the type of staircase chosen. This allows you to realize what the staircase is in reality and to confirm or deny your choice. What type of staircase saves the most space? Most of my customers who want to save space want a spiral staircase. The latter is the one that takes up the most space! The best choice in this case is the hanging staircase. It is the handrail which suspends the steps and there is therefore no stringer (board which usually supports the steps), we then save space. The suspended staircase is also the most sold staircase currently. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different possible materials? Wood, mainly used for stairs, offers the advantage of being silent unlike metal. Many woods are suitable such as beech, oak, ash, cherry ... Some are prohibited like fir. But it is also possible to design staircases whose steps are made of glass, Plexiglas or various metals. It is then a matter of taste. What budget should you count? A custom staircase starts at around 4,500 euros and can go up to 35,000 euros. But the average remains around 10,000 euros. As for the stairs sold by major brands, we generally find around 2000 euros.


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